Heena Modi

I went vegan in 2008 and within a fairly short space of time, I began following a plant-based lifestyle. It has been fabulous! My goal is to help others achieve the same through my site and individual coaching.

I’m not sure what happened to trigger the change, but when I was about 11 years old, I decided that I didn’t agree with killing animals for food, so I stopped. I was a vegetarian from the age of 11. I thought that I was eating in a way which involved the least amount of violence possible.

I watched a video about dairy production and I was devastated. Suddenly I realised that there was a whole world of death and cruelty that I had no idea about and I wasn’t happy to be part of it, so I pretty much made the shift to a non-dairy diet that day.

Plant-based living means I eat vegan and in addition to this, I wear vegan clothes and shoes, use vegan toiletries and make-up and I buy vegan jewellery.

Why? As I researched further, I realised that bees are harmed when honey is gathered; silk worms are killed during the production of silk and sourcing wool involves suffering too.

How do I feel since I made the shift to a vegan lifestyle? I feel great! My conscience feels lighter, I feel healthier (which was an added unplanned bonus) and I feel like I have less to think about.