Indigo Herbs

At Indigo Herbs we believe the path to optimum health and well being starts firstly with taking personal responsibility for one’s body, mind and soul. The second step is making the change by working some healthy routines into your daily lifestyle. We are right there to help you with that, as we specialise in superfoods, herbs and natural health ingredients. What we bring to you is a really broad range of excellent quality natural health and well being products to include in your daily lifestyle, from breakfast, lunch and dinner, to everything in between.

We also understand that it is possible to achieve your personal best and receive optimum nutrition whilst living in harmony with the environment, plants and animals. For many people this means a diet rich in plant based ingredients, which has a lower impact on the environment.

  • Super Seed Spelt Loaf

    This fabulous super-seeded loaf is perfect for breakfast with your favourite nut butter! It's a great accompaniment to soups and can be used to create the perfect sandwich.

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  • Raw Chocolate, Banana, and Almond Butter Recovery Balls

    Thanks to Lauren of Powered By Peanut Butter for contributing this recipe!

    These nutty protein recovery balls are based on the principle that after your workout or run your body will be wanting lots of nutrition and protein to let it replace all the energy it has burnt.

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  • Banana and Blueberry Granola Bars

    Thanks to Sus Davy of Rough Measures for this recipe.

    This granola bar recipe has a lot of ingredients and so is full of different flavours that every bite is a sensation for the taste buds. Great for a lunch box or between meals, these bars are naturally sweet and crunchy with a fruity twist. They don't contain any rubbish like the majority of granola bars out there, are twice as healthy and loaded with protein. We're sure you'll be making these time and again to be that go to snack. They could even help give you an extra boost before a workout.

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  • Tropical Fruits Immune Boosting Smoothie

    With thanks to Sarah Starrs of the Laughing Medusa blog for this recipe.

    A great immune boosting green smoothie recipe to boost the immune system with the power of Cordyceps CS-4 Mushroom Powder. Fresh, exotic and full of nutrients this will have your taste buds tingling and your digestion working well. One of these a day will certainly keep the doctor away as it has been specifically concocted on the ‘food as medicine’ principle. We think you’ll really enjoy this smoothie as a means to feeling the benefit of Cordyceps Powder.

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