• Loaded Vegan Wedges
    Crispy baked sweet potato wedges, loaded with vegan chorizo, sweetcorn and vegan cheddar melt.


  • Vegan Paella
    Pibil jackfruit, vegan chorizo and sweetcorn with rice, black beans and tomatoes in a hot ancho sauce​
  • Vegan Enchilada
    Two tortillas filled with rice & black beans, baked and topped with our signature tomato sauce, vegan cheddar and mozzarella mix and Oatly fraiche.​
  • Vegan Corn Ribs
    Oven roasted ‘Rib style’ corn, smothered in chipotle sauce. Served with naked slaw, Oatly fraiche and sweet potato fries.​
  • Vegan Telera Bun
    Banana blossom burger with vegan chorizo & sweetcorn mix and a vegan cheddar sauce. With Sweet potato fries.  ​


  • Vegan Mexican Mess
    Creamy vanilla vegan torte on a crumbly biscuit base served in a crisp tortilla basket, topped with vegan ice cream, chocolate sauce and frozen raspberries​
  • Vegan Deep Fried Ice Cream
    Red berry ice cream, deep fried and served in a crisp tortilla basket, finished with chocolate sauce and frozen raspberries

 This information is accurate on 22/12/2020.

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