• LOADED DUSTED GREEN BEANS – Crispy green beans deep fried in a cajun dusting, loaded with pico de gallo, spicy mayo and pink onions
  • JACKFRUIT BIRRIA – Three small quesadillas filled with pibil pulled jackfruit, vegan cheddar and mozzarella. Served with coriander, pink onions and a rich gravy for dipping
  • LOADED WEDGES – Crispy baked homemade sweet potato wedges, vegan chorizo, sweetcorn and melted vegan cheddar
  • GARLIC JALAPEÑO CORN BREAD – Baked with garlic and parsley Add: vegan cheddar & mozzarella
  • TACOS – Soft open tacos with pibil pulled jackfruit loaded with vegan cheese, pico de gallo and pink onion
  • NACHOS – Loaded with guac, salsa, vegan cheddar and creamy oat fraiche. Add pibil pulled jackfruit on us


  • VEGAN ENCHILADA – Two tortillas filled with vegan chorizo, sweetcorn, rice and black beans. Baked in tomato sauce, vegan cheddar and mozzarella
  • FIESTA FAJITA – Oumph!TM and roasted veg with vegan cheddar, salsa, guac, Oatly fraiche and unlimited tortillas
  • DROWNED BAKED BURRITO – Filled with Oumph!TM and veggie chilli, drowning in a bowl of ancho sauce. Topped with Oatly fraiche, melting vegan cheddar and mozzarella and pink onion
  • PAELLA – Pibil pulled jackfruit, vegan chorizo and sweetcorn


  • DEEP FRIED CHOC ICE – Choc chip ice cream wrapped in a chocolate tortilla, deep fried and covered in chocolate sauce and strawberries
  • CHURROS – Four churro loops dusted with cinnamon sugar and chocolate sauce
  • ICE CREAM + SORBET – In a crisp tortilla basket dusted with cinnamon sugar. Choose from: vanilla ice cream, choc chipice cream and mango & passionfruit sorbet
  • WHITE CHOCOLATE & PASSION FRUIT TART – A creamy white chocolate tart with fresh passion fruit on a chocolatey biscuit base. Served with vegan vanilla ice cream


  • GARLIC JALAPEÑO CORN BREAD – Baked with garlic and parsley
  • GARLIC TORTILLA – Tortilla covered in garlic and parsley then baked

 This information is accurate on 06/01/2023.

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