Crêpeaffaire – Flipping Awesome Crêpes All Day, Everyday.

Whatever you’re craving, try our…

  • Freshly-made crêpes & waffles (sweet & savoury!)
  • Fairtrade, organic barista coffee
  • Gluten free, vegan galettes with organic buckwheat flour
  • Luxury thick shakes, juices & smoothies

Our crêpes are fast & fresh, prepared in front of you and made with sweet or savoury natural ingredients. Nom Nom Nom! Go on treat yourself!

Savoury Crepes

  • Supervegan – tomato, spinach, mushroom, vegan cheese
  • Vegan bbq chick’n – mushrooms, spinach, vegan chicken & cheese
  • Vegan spicy CHICK’N – Mexican style rice, salsa, chilli flakes, avocado, vegan chicken & cheese

Crêpeaffaire vegan food

All Day Breakfast Crepes

  • Vegan Breakfast – tomato, mushroom, vegan sausage & cheese
  • Blueberry, Strawberry & Maple galette

Sweet Crepes

  • Vegan I’ll have what she’s having – strawberries, vegan whipped cream & chocolate
  • Vegan Chocolate Galette
  • Vegan Brownies & Cream – vegan brownie, chocolate, cream & ice cream
  • Vegan Banana Split – banana, vegan whipped cream & chocolate
  • Vegan the Whole Shebang – strawberries, banana, vegan chocolate, whipped cream & ice cream

Crêpeaffaire vegan crepe


  • Vegan thick shakes – Vanilla, Strawberry or Salted caramel
  • Vegan Matcha Latte
  • Free to swap to non-dairy milk in hot drinks or vegan shakes

This information is accurate on 17/12/20.

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