Dishoom are an Indian-inspired restaurant serving up delicious vegan options. You can even try the Beyond Sausage from Official Veganuary Sponsor, Beyond Meat!


Begin the day with ample and wholesome dishes, or perhaps just a drop of fresh juice. You might like to linger with a coffee and a newspaper, or just come and go in a jiffy. Breakfast is served until 11.45am every day.

  • THE VEGAN BOMBAY – Bountiful vegan repast. Beyond Meat sausages, vegan black pudding, abundant tofu akuri, grilled field mushrooms, masala beans, grilled tomato and home-made vegan buns. 
  • VEGAN AKURI – A vegan version of the Irani café spiced-scrambled egg special. Piled up richly alongside plump, home-made vegan buns and grilled tomato. 
  • SOY KEEMA NO EEDU – Behold: a vegan breakfast of fortitude. Spiced soy keema with salli crisp-chips and home-made, toasted vegan buns. 
  • BEYOND SAUSAGE NAAN ROLL* – Freshly baked vegan naan, graced with vegan cheese, chilli tomato jam and fresh herbs, wrapped around choicest vegan sausage. *cooked in the same tandoor as naans made with dairy.
  • COCONUT GRANOLA – A Dishoom recipe, handmade with oats, seeds, cashews, almonds, pistachios and cinnamon, roasted in coconut oil. Served with fresh fruits and coconut yoghurt. 
  • DATE & BANANA PORRIDGE – Organic porridge oats cooked with oat milk, banana and sweet Medjool dates. A never-ending portion: if you wish for more, you need only ask. 
  • FRESH FRUIT AND COCONUT YOGHURT – Fresh seasonal fruits topped with coconut yoghurt infused with fresh vanilla pod, and served with toasted seeds. 
  • VEGAN LASSI – Kindly ask your server for details of our vegan lassis.  
  • OAT CHAI – Warming comfort and satisfying spice. Made with oat milk.


  • CHANA CHAAT SALAD – A tumble of chickpeas, couscous and baby sprouts studded with fresh pomegranate and pumpkin seeds. Smooth avocado and mint chutney to the side. 
  • CHILLI BROCCOLI SALAD – Toasted pistachios and shredded mint leaves with finest, greenest broccoli, fresh red chillies, pumpkin seeds, dates and honey. All is dressed up in lime and chilli.


  • KHICHIA & CHUNDO – A fine, crispy snack, not unlike papad. Dip happily in the spiced chutney made to an old family recipe. Made from dependable apple, not fickle mango. 
  • VEGETABLE SAMOSA – Fine filo pastry, pea and potato filling warmly spiced with cinnamon and cloves. 
  • OKRA FRIES – Fine lady’s fingers for the fingers. 
  • BHEL – Cold and crunchy, light and lovely. Puffed rice, Bombay Mix and nylon sev tossed with fresh pomegranate, tomato, lime, onion, tamarind, mint. 
  • CHOLE PURI* – Puffed puris lay next to hearty bowl of spiced chickpea curry, with sweet halwa alongside. Eat altogether. *curry made without butter.
  • CHOLE-CHAWAL – An abiding favourite of Indian families everywhere, originally hailing from the Punjab. A hearty bowl of spiced chickpea curry served with basmati rice.*curry made without butter 


  • GUNPOWDER POTATOES* – The seduction is in the tumble. Potatoes with brown skins, smoky-grilled, broken apart, tossed with butter, crushed aromatic seeds and green herbs. *Served without butter or raita 
  • VADA PAU* – Bombay’s version of London’s chip butty. Sprinkle the red ‘hillbilly’ Ghati masala to taste *with vegan home-made buns


  • FRIED GREEN CHILLIES – Do not confuse with lady’s fingers. Some may be fiery hot, some not. 
  • BOWL OF GREENS* – Grilled broccoli, snow peas and kale tumbled with chilli and lime. *with olive oil instead of butter 
  • UNBUTTERED CORN-ON-THE-COB* – Grilled over charcoal fire, then finished with butter, chilli, salt and lime, Chowpatty beach style. *with olive oil instead of butter 
  • KACHUMBER – The name refers to beating someone up nicely — a messy to-do of cucumber, onion and tomato. 
  • STEAMED BASMATI RICE – It means “the fragrant one”.


  • KALA KHATTA GOLA ICE – Fluffy ice flakes steeped in kokum fruit syrup, blueberries, chilli, lime, white and black salt. The first spoonful tastes bizarre. The second spoonful is captivating. 
  • BASMATI KHEER – Silky caramelised basmati rice pudding cooked nicely with vanilla-infused coconut milk, cardamom and cashews. Cooled and layered with blueberry compôte. 

This information is accurate on 17/01/20.

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