Vegan Options at Nandos


  • Houmous with Peri-Peri Drizzle – Pour smoky PERi-PERi oil over creamy houmous and dig in with strips of warm pitta.
  • Spiced Mixed Olives – Co-starring mushrooms, garlic and red pepper
  • Sweet Potato Wedges with Garlic PERinaiseCrispy wedges served with our creamy plant-based Garlic PERinaise dip. Perfect for sharing! 


  • The Great Imitator Wrap – Tastes like our famous PERi-PERi chicken but made from pea protein. Served with plant-based Garlic PERinaise, lettuce and chilli jam


  • Spicy Rice – Lightly spiced rice. One of our signature sides!
  • Corn on the Cob – Crunchy, crisp and sweet. Flame-grilled and served with butter.
  • Chips – Crispy and delicious! Standard or Peri-salted
  • Garlic Bread – It’s dairy-free!!
  • Long Stem Broccoli – Served in a garlic and lemon dressing.
  • Mixed Leaf Salad – A mix of four leaves, sweet baby plum tomatoes and cucumber. Served with Balsamic dressing.


  • PERi-PERi Drizzle – 20ml. A smoky, spicy PERi-PERi infused oil. Perfect for drizzling!
  • Chilli Jam – Sweet and sticky with just a hint of spice. Great for dunking!
  • Pineapple
  • PERi-BBQ – Sweet and smoky with PERi-PERi spice.
  • Garlic PERinaise – Our famous PERinaise, but plant-based and packed with a garlicky punch.
  • Vusa PERi-PERi Sauce – 125g. Our hottest sauce yet! In Zulu, VUSA means excitement and fire and this sauce packs an eternity of both. A combination of African Bird’s Eye Chilli, lemon and garlic, in an age old recipe that will blow your socks off. Intense flavour. Intense heat. African spirit.
  • Extra Hot PERi-PERi Sauce – 125g. Our Extra Extra Hot PERi-PERi is for serious heat seekers, not the faint-hearted. Beware and be brave!
  • Hot PERi-PERi Sauce – 125g. Packed with flavour and fiery PERi-PERi heat, our Hot PERi-PERi sauce is the perfect way to turn any meal into a tasty treat.
  • Medium PERi-PERi Sauce – 125g. Packed with flavour and a flicker of PERi-PERi heat, our Medium PERi-PERi sauce brings the warmth of Southern Africa right to your plate.
  • Lemon & Herb PERi-PERi Sauce – 125g. Filled with zesty sun-ripened lemons, our Lemon & Herb PERi-PERi sauce is packed with flavour and just a dash of heat.
  • Garlic PERi-PERi Sauce – 125g. Packed with punchy garlic, zesty lemon and a kick of PERi-PERi heat, our Garlic PERi-PERi sauce is one that packs a punch with a bit of bite!


  • Mango Gelato

This information is accurate on 22/12/2020.

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