At Pho, we specialise in healthy Vietnamese street food & are very excited to support the Veganuary campaign for the fourth year running. Vietnamese cooking is amazing for vegan diners – we hardly use any dairy in our cooking, so pretty much any dish that doesn’t contain meat is fully vegan – in fact, 40% of our menu is vegan. We have “THIS Isn’t Chicken” available for those vegans looking for a meat substitute, and elsewhere our menu is packed full of healthy, fresh dishes cooked fresh in house every day. We’re launching a January specials menu too, which will contain a few new exciting vegan options. Whether you’re in the mood for a pho, a curry, salad or rice dish, we’ve got something for you. We hope Veganuary is a great way to meet new vegan diners and highlight our menu that is great for vegan customers all year round!

Pho vegan food


  • Goi cuon
    fresh rice paper summer rolls with herbs, vermicelli & pickle.
  • Cha gio
    crispy spring rolls with lettuce & herbs to wrap & dip
  • Goi ngo sen
    tangy lotus stems with green bean & sesame seeds
  • Banh xeo – evening only
    savoury crepe with rice papers and herbs


  • Salad with Asian herb, peppers, & a chilli ginger dressing


  • Pho chay
    tofu & button mushrooms with veggie broth
  • Pho nam rom
    enoki, shitake & button mushrooms with veggie broth
  • Spicy green
    tofu, morning glory, green beans, pak choi, fresh lime and thai basil in spicy veggie broth
  • Super green
    morning glory, green beans, pak choi, fresh lime and thai basil in veggie broth with garlic
  • Bun chay Hue
    hot and spicy tofu and mushroom
  • Bun nam rom Hue
    hot & spicy enoki, shitake & button mushrooms, pak choi

Pho vegan cuisine

Broken Rice

  • Rice bowl
    topped with wok-fried Chinese leaf, radish, cucumber & pickles, finished with peanuts, herbs & fresh chillies, with tofu and veg
  • Curry
    rich, fragrant Vietnamese tofu curry with veggies & mushrooms, topped with nuts and served with broken rice
  • Wok fried rice
    aromatic, spicy wok-fried rice with thitake and Thai basil


  • Bun: vermicelli noodles
    vermicciile rice noodles with a lemongrass and chilli work-fried topping. Served with fresh herbs, beansprouts and peanuts. Noodles served at room temperature, just like in Vietnam. – served with ginger soy and tofu and mushrooms or vegan spring rolls.
  • Pho Xao: wok fried noodles
    Wok-fried flat rice noodles with lemongrass, chilli and Asian greens, tofu & mushrooms served with ginger soy sauce and peanuts.


  • Rau muong xao
    stir fried morning glory – water spinach – in garlic
  • Dau que
    green beans and sugarsnaps in a mild peanut dressing
  • Cai Thao Xao
    stir fried Chinese leaf in soy sauce

This information is accurate on 30/12/2021.

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