There’s few things in life as filling as a great pie and, thankfully, more and more brands are beginning to cater for people on a plant-based diet. Pieminister are one such outlet – they recognise the growing vegan marketing and have responded accordingly, adding multiple items to their menus. They say:

We’re growing our range of vegan pies and sides because we think everyone deserves a good pie and as an increasing number of people on the team at Pieminister become vegan or reducetarian, it’s a way of life that we believe in and want to support.

Take a look below at some of the mouth-watering options you can buy from Pieminister now!


  • Kevin – A chestnut mushroom, tomato & quinoa pie with baby onions & thyme
  • Mock-A-Doodle – A tofu ‘chicken’ pie with leek, smoked garlic & white wine
  • Mooless Moo – A jackfruit ‘steak’, craft ale and black pepper pie
  • Good Elf (Christmas Special) – A tofu ‘turkey’, cranberry, port & thyme pie
  • Evergreen – A spinach, kale & edamame pie with garlic & ginger. Evergreen won 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards! This is an exclusive pie so it’s only in our online shop or Borough Market at the moment
Pieminister tiered pie


  • Chana-Rama – Spiced chickpea and spinach patties
  • Holy Chipotle – Black bean, sweet potato & smoked paprika patties

Pie Meals

  • The Mothership – Vegan pie with vegan mash, peas, ‘cheese’, crispy onions & gravy
  • Mother Earth – A vegan pie on a bed of mash with garden peas, finished with a parsnip and kale fritter & gravy
Pieminister vegan option

*This information is accurate as of 2/12/2020.

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