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Rosa’s Thai Cafe has built a reputation for bold flavours and dishes inspired by founder Saiphin’s childhood in Thailand, and she can still be found cooking in the kitchens of the restaurants. She maintains personal relationships with the farmers in Thailand who supply Rosa’s, continually returning to search for new ingredients to incorporate into the menu.

Finding strictly vegetarian food in a Thai cuisine can be challenging, where fish sauce is king of the kitchen. You won’t have that problem at Rosa’s. While we do cook from authentic recipes, we also look out for our veggie friends by replacing certain ingredients without losing the flavours of the original dishes. Look out for the ‘V’ symbol on our menu for dishes that can be made vegetarian and vegan. Just ask.

Food Allergies: Our dishes are prepared in areas where several allergens are present. All our dishes may contain traces of nuts, gluten or other allergens. If you have an allergy, please speak to the manager, or call the restaurant when placing your order online and make sure you inform us of your allergy and/or dietary requirement(s). Not all ingredients are listed.


  • SWEETCORN CAKES – Sweetcorn & kaffir lime leaves in red curry paste batter. Served with Rosa’s sweet chilli sauce
  • PUMPKIN CRACKERS – A vegan take on the classic prawn crackers made using pumpkin, served with sweet chilli sauce.
  • FRESH SUMMER ROLLS – contains nuts – *updated recipe* Rice paper stuffed with mixed veg, tangy-sweet tamarind sauce & fragrant herbs, served with homemade sweet chilli & crushed peanuts dipping sauce
  • SHARED PLATTER – Fresh summer rolls, Sweetcorn cakes, salt & pepper tofu, pumpkin crackers

Rosa's Thai Cafe vegan food



  • DRUNKEN NOODLES – Fiery & fragrant with Thai basil & fresh chillies. There’s no booze in the dish itself but it’s possibly the best hangover cure in the world


  • ROSA’S GREEN CURRY – Thailand’s best-loved curry is a bestseller here too. Made with mixed vegetables, tofu, aubergine, bamboo shoots & Thai basil
  • ROSA’S PANANG CURRY – A rich red curry sauce with aubergine, red & green chillies & kaffir lime leaves

Rosa's Thai Cafe vegan options



  • CASHEW STIR-FRY – A classic stir-fry with Rosa’s soy sauce, cashew nuts, spring onion & mushrooms
  • CHILLI & BASIL STIR FRY – A spicy & fragrant favourite with Thai basil, onions & green beans


  • SPICY THAI SALAD – Side salad with a spicy Thai dressing


  • MANGO & STICKY RICE – A Thai favourite. Sweet mango, warm coconut sticky rice drizzled in sweet coconut milk. Contains sesame seeds
  • MINI MANGO RICE – Sweet sticky rice with homemade coconut dressing with mango sauce & sesame seeds
  • ICE CREAM – By the scoop Vanilla | Salted caramel | Coconut | Mango Sorbet. All made from plant-based milk!

Most dishes can be made vegan – just ask!

This information was accurate on 23/12/2022.

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