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Being together with your besties is what we’re all about at Slug and Lettuce, so when it comes to different diets we want to make sure we’ve got something for everyone. From topped nachos and juicy burgers to our sweet Caramelised Biscuit Bites, our vegan menu includes a great selection of fabulous dishes to choose from. And with our huge choice of beers, wines and delish cocktails, you can join us in any of our 82 UK-wide sites and sit back with all your favourite food and drinks, no matter what your preferences are.

So, check out our vegan options below and grab your friends for a visit to your nearest S&L –


  • MINI MEZE – Mixed olives and red pepper & sesame houmous served with soft floured white bread.
  • JACKFRUIT TACOS – Smoky BBQ pulled jackfruit, red pepper & sesame houmous, iceberg lettuce, vegan mayo, red chilli, spring onion and rocket leaves in a soft pink taco.


  • TOMATO & BASIL PASTA – Rustic pasta twists tossed with rich marinara tomato sauce, slow-roasted tomatoes, Tenderstem® broccoli and sugar snap peas, finished with garlic & basil oil and rocket leaves. 641 kcal    Why not add a topper? Quorn™ buttermilk style fillet (VG)
  • OUR MIXED HOUSE – Quinoa, Tenderstem® broccoli, sugar snap peas, avocado, slow-roasted tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, red onion, peas, pomegranate seeds and rocket leaves drizzled with a lemon & olive oil dressing.
  • THAI RED CURRY – Aromatic coconut curry with cauliflower, green beans, sugar snap peas and peppers, garnished with pomegranate seeds and served with basmati rice. 540 kcal Swap to cauliflower rice -250 kcal Why not add a topper? Quorn™ buttermilk style fillet (VG)
  • PLANT-BASED BURGER WITH CHEEZE – Your choice of plant-based soya burger 1380 kcal or Quorn™ buttermilk style fillet layered with smoky soya sloppy joe, BBQ pulled jackfruit, a melted burger cheeze slice and rocket leaves, served in a soft glazed bun with BBQ sauce, lettuce, chopped pickle and onion – with topped nachos, sticky BBQ and vegan mayo for dipping.

Burger Extras:




Subs & Wraps:

RED PEPPER HOUMOUS & AVO – Red pepper & sesame houmous, avocado, slow-roasted tomatoes and olives, served with topped nachos.


  • VEGAN FEAST WITH FRIENDS – Quorn™ buttermilk style fillet & vegan mayo mini pink sliders, smoky soya topped nachos, sweet chilli glazed sugar snaps, jackfruit and red pepper & sesame houmous tacos, olives, soft floured white bread and vegan red pepper mayo. 
  • SMOKY SOYA TOPPED NACHOS – Crunchy tortilla chips topped with smoky soya sloppy joe, vegan cheeze, guacamole, tomato salsa, vegan mayo, red pepper & sesame houmous, sweet red pepper drops and fiery jalapeños. 


  • CARAMELISED BISCUIT BITES – Caramelised biscuit mousse layered on a biscuit base, with rich Belgian chocolate sauce and a scattering of biscuit pieces.

*This information is accurate on 28/12/2022. Menus may vary across branches.

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