Tortilla is your local burrito & taco joint, serving up tasty Mexican dishes with a Californian twist. With over 70% of their menu plant-based, you’ll find a wide selection of vegan options, fully customisable to your liking. Fillings are prepared from scratch every day using fresh, quality ingredients & the best part: you can build every dish exactly as you want it!

This Veganuary, Tortilla’s introduced a NEW vegan chipotle mayo to really level up your favourite dish! Think the rich, creamy taste of premium vegan mayo infused with smokey chipotle & zesty lime – This is the real deal AND 100% plant-based.

Tortilla recommend a tempeh chilli no carne burrito with grilled veg, hand-smashed guac, pickled red onion & a good dollop of vegan chipotle mayo. Or, on top of vegan chilli loaded nachos. Pair with a serving of gooey choc-nut stuffed churros & a frozen margarita – they’re vegan too!

Vegan options at Tortilla

Burrito – A soft flour tortilla filled with your choice of tomato or coriander rice, pinto or black beans & vegan chilli or grilled veggies. Add our hand-smashed guacamole & top it off with a range of salsas & toppings.

Naked Burrito – Just like a burrito without the wrap! Pick your rice & beans, top with vegan chilli or grilled veggies & add our hand-smashed guacamole. Finish it off with a selection of fresh salsas & toppings.

Salad Bowl – Swap out your rice for crunchy romaine lettuce & you’ve got yourself a tasty & nutritious salad bowl, filled with all your favourite toppings including beans, vegan chilli, grilled veg, hand-smashed guacamole & a selection of fresh salsas. Small on carbs, BIG on flavour!

Tres Tacos – Three soft-shell flour or corn tacos lightly toasted & filled with your choice of vegan chilli or grilled veggies, guacamole & finished off with a selection of tasty salsas & toppings.

Nachos – Crunchy corn chips topped with vegan chilli, pico de gallo salsa, hand-smashed guacamole & a sprinkling of fresh jalapeños.

Chips & salsa – Perfect for a snack or to dip into your naked burrito! Grab a bag of crunchy corn chips with your choice of our hand-made mild, medium or hot salsas.

Vegan Churros – Churros stuffed with a decadent chocolate-hazelnut filling.

Vegan Hard Gums – A sweet treat made with all natural colour & flavours.

Thinking of trying vegan?

Veganuary inspires and supports people all over the world to try vegan for January and beyond. Millions of people have already taken part. Will you join them?