Turtle Bay

Whether you’re feasting with friends or simply want to relax with a cocktail or two, Turtle Bay’s unique blend of Caribbean spices, warming rums and sunshine on the rocks has got you sorted. They’re all about fresh and they’re all about flavour – get ready for a vegan feast like no other!

Turtle Bay is a vibrant restaurant chain known for its lively Caribbean atmosphere and flavorful cuisine. Established with the goal of bringing the spirit of the Caribbean to the United Kingdom, Turtle Bay offers a diverse menu inspired by the region’s rich culinary traditions. With an emphasis on bold spices and fresh, tropical ingredients, the restaurant provides an immersive experience for diners. One of Turtle Bay’s standout features is its extensive range of vegan options, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the vibrant and delicious Caribbean dishes. Whether indulging in plant-based jerk dishes or sipping on tropical cocktails, Turtle Bay invites patrons to experience the warmth and energy of the Caribbean in a welcoming setting, making it a popular choice for those seeking a taste of the exotic.

Vegan Options at Turtle Bay:


  • Island Brunch Bowl – Scrambled ackee, sauteed callaloo, curried chickpeas, sweet fried plantain, tomatoes, & fire-grilled roti
  • Vegan Yardbird – Roti stacked with chicken style vegan patty, smashed avocado, rich maple syrup, & hot sauce
  • Smashed Avo & Jerk Mushrooms – Grilled roti & tomato, smashed avo, & jerk mushrooms


  • Trini Doubles – Curried chickpeas, bara roti flatbreads, hot sauce, coconut & cucumber chutney
  • Sweetcorn Fritters – Sweetcorn fritters, pink onions & mango mole

Jerk Pit

  • Vegan Jerk “Chicken” – Marinated plant-based “chicken” breast, chargrilled & topped with our rich jerk gravy. Served with pineapple chow and either coconut rice & peas or spiced fries.

West Indian Curries

  • Vegan Caribbean Curry Katsu – Crispy “chicken” style patty topped with a coconut & aromatic spiced curry sauce. Served with coconut rice & peas.
  • Curry Chickpea & Callaloo – Rich and aromatic, slowly simmered curry packed with greens and chickpeas in a coconut milk sauce. Served with coconut rice & peas.

Soul Food

  • Jamaican Run Down – Chef Collin’s slowly simmered butternut squash, sweet potato, & coconut stew. With rice & peas.

Sunshine Bowls

  • Buddha Bowl – Clean eating with tropical colours and flavours. Rainbow beets, fresh pineapple, watermelon, avo, tomatoes, squash, rocket, mushroom, cucumber chutney, pickled pink onions and steamed rice.

Fresh Roti

  • Sweetcorn Roti Wrap – Packed with crispy sweetcorn fritters, smashed avo, sharp pink onions, crunchy lettuce and mild jerk mayo


  • Vegan Motherclucker Burger – Fried “chicken” style patty, stacked with smashed avo & jerk tomato sauce


  • Spiced Fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Coconut Rice & Peas
  • Sweet Plantain
  • Festivals (Dumplings)
  • Sweet Potato Mash
  • Roasted Greens
  • Slaw


  • Caramelised Rum Plantain – Slices of ripe plantain caramelised in a sweet rum syrup, topped with a creamy rum sauce, and coconut ice cream
  • Ice Cream – Choose from Vanilla /Salted Caramel / Creamy Coconut

This information is accurate as of 09/01/2024

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