Sabine Andrae

“I was born to eat ….and to cook! My mother likes to tell people how even as a little girl I would spend hours in the kitchen preparing my afternoon snack”. Her great- grandmother ran a small restaurant called ‘Walhalla’ in Germany and her father was a chef, setting up a restaurant with his wife, which took the family from Germany to Mallorca, then South Africa, eventually settling in Spain.

Sabine followed in her father’s footsteps, as she says “I was basically raised in the kitchen” and she became a chef too, with a passion for healthy, vegan food.

  • Sweet Potato Brownies

    This is one of those recipes that once you've tried it, will leave you wondering why you haven’t tried gluten-free baking before. There are no complicated flour mixes and it is perfect as a dessert or a gluten-free cake option when needed.

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