You did it...
Well done you.

Thousands of wonderful people took part in this year's campaign. Thank you everyone for making Veganuary 2014 a huge success!

We're now working on our bigger and better 2015 campaign. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to follow our progress.

Plus, keep coming back for news on even more updates!


Who would like to eat nothing but ridiculously tasty food, every single day for the whole of January?

Thousands of people are going vegan for the month of January! Come and join them by taking part in Veganuary. After stuffing yourself silly over the festive period, shed the pounds and make the best New Year's Resolution ever - to save animals, the planet and your health.

Going vegan will improve your energy and mood, lifting your spirits when those post-holiday blues set in. And we'll be there to hold your hand, pat you on the back, and generally be super supportive (should you need us). There's a 31 day menu with tons of inspiring meal ideas, as well as advice about the best places to eat out. We've got links galore to other fantastic sites where you can find more recipes, books, videos and cookalongs.

We have teamed up exclusively with the animal charity Viva! to promote the challenge and raise wads of cash for the animals.

Sign up today, tell your mates and let us know how great you feel.

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Vegan Kebab

Health, you can't live without it!

Our mums told us to 'eat your greens', we learnt that munching those apples keeps the doctor away, and now even the government insists we get 'our 5-a-day' - so it's a good job that vegans get plenty of fruit and veg in their diets.

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Save the world with your knife and fork

So you know why veganism is good for you AND the animals, but as an added bonus, it's also one of the best things you can do for the environment.

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Here it is, what Veganuary is ultimately about…the animals

Egg-laying hens spend their entire life crammed together, each getting less space than a letter sized sheet of paper. They can barely move or spread their wings, and they never see sunlight.

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