Green Leafy Gael

Hi! My name is Amy and I run the blog I also run a YouTube channel of the same name.

I’m an Irish girl in my twenties with a passion for veganism, health, sustainability and fitness.

Through my blog posts and videos I like to share easy and homely vegan recipes, vegan lifestyle tips, restaurant recommendations and anything that falls within the realm of healthy or sustainable.

My recipes were mainly inspired by my own mother’s home cooking, with some even created by mum herself using her old recipes. Anything can be veganised!

My aim is to show people that warming, homely recipes can be made vegan without sacrificing any taste at all!

I am a freelance translator by trade and speak 3.5 languages (my Portuguese isn’t that great…!).

I hope you enjoy my recipes and please connect with me and share if you have tried any of the recipes.