I have been vegan for five years and a vegan business owner for two, two of the best decisions I have ever made! I was vegetarian for many years and after just over ten years working as a Tour Leader in Latin America, Europe and northern Africa I created Veganbnb Travel.

I help people who live a healthy compassionate lifestyle have lovely holidays in Guatemala and Spain!

I promote the availability of a lifestyle in which animals and the environment are not exploited, through my business I’m able to show that making the decision to live a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle is not only accessible to everyone, it’s uncomplicated, fun and you’ll feel great!

  • Tortilla de patatas

    Una receta, ¡muchas comidas! Esta versión vegana de la tortilla de patata tradicional es perfecta para desayunar, comer y cenar. También es una manera fácil de introducirse en el mundo de la harina de garbanzo si no la conoces. Una vez hayas hecho tu tortilla, acompáñala con una gran ensalada a la hora de comer; prepara un bocadillo con hummus y algo de verde; tómala fría o recalentada para desayunar; o llévatela para comer en el trabajo.

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