Wicked Healthy

We’re chefs and brothers (secretly, ninjas) and though we come from two different professional backgrounds we have found common ground in the wicked healthy culinary arts.

Wicked Healthy wants you to use your head and be wicked healthy because it is wicked sexy, inside and out. Healthy people are attractive – they’re upbeat, confident, and energetic. They’re full of life.

We want you to eat more vegetables. Especially the green ones! We’d prefer it if they were organic and maybe even local. And we want them to taste great. Go easy on the nuts and natural sugars and oils. Eat some fruit. Make an effort to move around every day. And we want you to use your freakin’ brain.

Stay on the wicked healthy path and understand that you’re going to wander off the trail and go out to eat every now and then – just maybe use your brain and don’t order a triple bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries.