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What are the vegan options at Burger King in 2023? Check out the complete guide below.

As a fast food chain that specialises in burgers and nuggets, Burger King may seem like an unlikely choice for those looking for meat-free options. However, just like McDonald’s, Burger King has made great strides in recent years to provide more plant-based options for customers looking to avoid animal products.

The Vegan Royale

Certified by the Vegan Society, the Vegan Royale is complete with a crispy vegan patty topped with iceberg lettuce, vegan mayo and crowned with a toasted sesame seed bun.

Please note, vegan meals are served with regular fries and bottled water or Capri-Sun®. Any modifications may result in a non-vegan meal.

Burger King Vegan Royale
Image Credit: Burger King and The Vegetarian Butcher

Plant-Based Whopper

A plant-based version of Burger King’s most iconic burger! The Plant-Based Whopper is a flame-grilled burger, topped with tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, vegan mayo, pickles, a swirl of ketchup and sliced onions on a soft sesame seed bun.

Note: The Plant-based Whopper is plant-based, but it is cooked on the same broiler as the original Whopper to deliver the same unique flame-grilled taste.

Burger King's Rebel Whopper vegan burger
Image Credit: Burger King

Vegan Nuggets

Certified by the Vegan Society®, these plant-based nuggets are a must-try for those looking for tasty meat alternatives.

Burger King vegan nuggets
Image Credit: Burger King


Many people ask us “Are Burger King fries vegan?” Well, the good news is yes!

This information is accurate on 03/10/2023.

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