Chocolate and Coconut Tart

Barocco Choco

Vegan dessert

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  1. For the pastry:
  2. 12 Medjool dates
  3. 60g desiccated coconut
  4. 30g almonds
  5. 30g cashews
  6. 45g cocoa nibs
  7. For the filling:
  8. 125g cashews
  9. 75g coconut oil
  10. 8 Medjool dates
  11. 1 bar of Barocco Choco Dark Chocolate
  12. 1 Tin of coconut milk
  13. 2 tbsp raw cocao powder (or normal cocoa powder)
  14. 2 tbsp vanilla extract
  15. Pinch of salt
  16. Topping (optional):
  17. Mixed berries
  18. Crumbled pistachios

So deliciously indulgent, you wouldn’t know it’s full of good-for-you ingredients.


Serves 10.


  • Grease a 7 inch loose-bottomed tart tin with some coconut oil. Cut two 9 inch strips of greaseproof paper and line the tin, one strip over the other. This will make it easier to lift the tart out later.
  • Make the pastry – Roast the nuts in the oven for 2 -3 minutes until very slightly browned. Add all the pastry ingredients into a food processor and process until it starts to come together. Mold the raw pastry into the tart tin, building up a rim slightly above the tin. Place in the freezer for 5 – 10 minutes to set.
  • Make the filling – Roast the cashews in the oven for 2 – 3 minutes until very slightly browned. Melt the Barocco Choco dark chocolate over a bain marie and set aside to cool slightly. Add the rest of the filling ingredients into a food processor and process until thick and creamy. Add the cooled, but melted chocolate into the mixture and process again until combined.
  • Pour the chocolate cream into the pastry case that you prepared earlier and then put the whole tart back into the freezer for 5 – 10 minutes to set. Gently lift out the tart (you may need to loosen the pastry with a knife) and top with berries and a sprinkling of crumbled pistachios.

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