Cheese Toastie and Crisps

Clea Grady

Vegan sandwich
Prep Time: 1M
Cooking Time: 8M
Serves: 1

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  • Fresh bread
  • Vegan cheese
  • A little vegan spread
  • Your choice of crisps
  • Welcome additions: sliced tomato, vegan Worcestershire sauce, HP sauce, Tabasco, cracked pepper, pickled onions…

A cheese toastie with crisps on the side is the ultimate in comfort and convenience food. A great treat for kids and grown ups alike!

Special thanks to Victoria Harley for the image:


  • Slice bread and pop under the grill (although you can speed up the whole process if you have a toastie or a panini maker!)
  • Turn over one slice of bread when brown and remove the other
  • Spread a little vegan marge on the un-toasted side and layer with cheese
  • Return slice to oven cheese side up
  • Keep an eye on your toast so the cheese-less side doesn’t burn, and the cheese melts to your satisfaction
  • Add a little marge to your toasted slice and smoosh on top of the melted cheese slice
  • Pop open your crisp packet and munch alongside your toastie

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