Chocolate and Blackberry Mousse

Henley Bridge

Chocolate & Blackberry Mousse
Prep Time: 30M
Cooking Time: 20M
Serves: 12

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Chocolate Mousse:

330g water (1)

15g vegan mousse gelatine powder

150g water (2)

7.5g potatowhip

100g sugar

0.7g xanthan gum

30g sunflower oil

300g dark chocolate

Blackberry Gel:

200g Blackberry puree

100g stock syrup

15g Sosa gelcrem cold

Garnish and Assembly:

Fresh blackberries

Chocolatree dark chocolate velvet spray

Roasted cocoa nibs and dark chocolate mixed

This Chocolate and Blackberry Mousse by Henley Bridge will have you in dreamland. It will melt in your mouth and fill your soul!

Serves: 12 mousses


Chocolate mousse 

Melt the chocolate to 55c and add the oil. In a pan bring to the boil water (1) and the vegan mousse gelatine.

Pour in stages on to the chocolate and emulsify. In a kitchen aid whisk together the water (2) and potatowhip.

Around halfway through whipping, start to slowly add the sugar and xanthan gum. Once all added whisk for a further 10 minutes on full speed. Fold the meringue, gently into the chocolate mixture and place immediately into desired moulds/tray.

Freeze solid if in silicon mould to ease removal from the mould.

Blackberry gel

Mix all ingredients together with hand blender and blend until a smooth consistency is reached, leave for 30 minutes to hydrate and blend again.

Garnish and assembly

Once you have made your mousse mixture and placed into your silicone moulds, lightly grind some cocoa nibs and add some tempered chocolate and place on the bottom of your mousse. This will enable you to move them much easier with a base. Freeze silicone mould solid.

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