Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups with Toasted Coconut

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Vegan chocolate peanut butter cups toasted with coconut

These coconutty, chocolate peanut butter cups are hard to beat. By Allison Bailey.

Prep Time: 6 minutes
Cooking Time: 4 minutes
Serves: 4


¾ -1 cup ground up pecans

½ cup of toasted coconut (sweetened or unsweetened)

½ cup vegan butter

¾ -1 cup of natural peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)

200g dark chocolate

¼ cup of nuts or extra coconut for the tops


  • Put the pecans into a food processor and pulse until it resembles graham cracker crumbs.
  • In a pan, toast the coconuts on medium heat. Keep an eye on this as they can go from golden brown to black quickly if you are not watching. Stir the coconut around every so often to get even browning. Transfer to a bowl once browned.
  • Melt the vegan butter over medium heat in a small pot. Stir in the peanut butter, ground pecans, and toasted coconuts. Mix well and then remove from heat.
  • In a muffin tray (with liners or without – without requires you to use a knife to pop them out later but still works) add 2 tablespoons of the mixture into each cup.
  • In a glass microwave safe bowl, melt the dark chocolate. Spoon over each one of the cups evenly.
  • Sprinkle nuts or coconut over the top. (you could even mix it in with the chocolate first!)
  • Now place the tray into your freezer for 2 hours to set.
  • After 2 hours remove from the freezer and remove the peanut butter cups! They can be kept in the fridge and eaten right away. I usually wait 5 minutes from when they are taken from the freezer before diving in!


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