Panna Cotta with Berry Coulis

This recipe looks really impressive but it’s so easy and only requires a few simple steps. A vegan take on the Italian classic.

Prep Time: 95 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Serves: 6


  • Vegan panna cotta ingredients:
  • 1/2 l plant-based milk (soy, almond,…)
  • 85g caster sugar
  • 40g corn starch
  • 4 tsp vanilla essence
  • Berry coulis ingredients:
  • 250g mixed berries (you choose)
  • caster sugar to taste


Add all vegan panna cotta ingredients to a smoothie blender. You can use any plant-based milk you like. I used soy milk but you can also used higher fat ones like coconut milk. Any will work, because it’s the starch the binds everything together. Blend the mixture until you get a smooth creme (alternatively you can whisk the ingredients as well until smooth and there are no lumps; though a blender is much quicker and more efficient).

Then pour the creme into a non-stick pan and cook on high heat for about 5 – 10 minutes until the creme thickens. Keep stirring all the time so it doesn’t burn. You will noticed that nothing will happen for a while and then all of a sudden the thickening process will start (that’s the starch reacting to the heat).

Pour or spoon the thickened creme into ramekins (or little bowls) and let cool down completely in the fridge for them to set. This will take about 90 minutes.

Before you take them out of the fridge start making the berry coulis. You can use any variety and mix of berries you like. I used a mix of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Heat the berries in a pan on high heat until they turn into a coulis. You don’t need to add any water. The heat will break down the skin of the berries and turn them into liquid. You can blend the coulis if you wanted it super smooth, but I didn’t see why you needed to to that because I quite like a bit of a texture to it.

Take the vegan panna cotta ramekins out of the fridge and place on a dessert plate – they should come out of the ramekins fairly easily – if not, push in the edges with your finger to loosen it up and this will make it come out easier.

Drizzle the coulis on top of the panna cotta and garnish with a mint leaf. Enjoy!

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