Vegan Gnocchi Bake

Julienne Bruno

Vegan Gnocchi
Prep Time: 10M
Cooking Time: 43M
Serves: 4

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1 butternut squash (small/ medium sized), peeled and cubed 

3 tbsp olive oil 

80g (1) shallot 

2 cloves garlic 

100g kale leaves, stripped from stems 

100g Julienne Bruno Crematta 

50ml oat milk 

1 tbsp nutritional yeast 



½ tsp chilli flakes 

50ml water from blanching kale 

25g vegan butter 

30g panko 

30g walnut pieces 

10g sunflower seeds 

10g golden flax/ linseeds 

200g potato Gnocchi (find this in the fridge isle at your supermarket) 

This is the delicious Gnocchi Bake with Crematta by Julienne Bruno. Each forkful feels super indulgent whilst at the same time is packed with vitamins and minerals. From the leafy greens, rich with antioxidants from the butternut squash and contains a good source of plant-based protein from the nuts and seeds. 


1. Roast squash tossed in 2 tbsp olive oil and seasoned with salt at 200c for 20-25 minutes, turning halfway through cooking until golden. 

2. Finely chop the shallot then fry gently in 1 tbsp olive oil for 10 minutes stirring often until softened. Add the garlic, season with a generous grind of black pepper then cook for one more minute then remove from the heat, set aside and allow to cool. 

3. Blanch kale leaves for 1 minute in a large pan of boiling water, drain and quickly cool under running water or placing straight into a bowl of iced water. Drain and squeeze the leaves dry then roughly chop and transfer to a mixing bowl with ⅓ (approx of the roasted squash. 

4. Add the remaining ⅔ rds of the roast squash (approx 200g) along with the onion and garlic to the cup of a high-power blender. Add crematta, oat milk, yeast, chilli flakes, seasonings and the cooking water. Blitz for between 30 seconds and 1 minute until you have a creamy sauce. Taste and adjust seasoning to suit if required. 

5. Melt the butter in a pan until foaming, toss in the panko, nuts and seeds and stir to combine, ensuring that the mixture is evenly coated. Remove from the heat. 

6. Bring the water used to blanch the kale back to a boil, cook the gnocchi for 2 minutes before transferring to the bowl with the kale. Add the creamy squash sauce and stir, coating the gnocchi, kale and roasted squash. 

7. Transfer to individual ovenproof dishes, top with the nut and seeds before baking for 8 minutes at 220c until the top is golden. Remove from the oven, allow to sit for a minute then serve and enjoy! 

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