Mexican Burrito Bowl


Vegan Mexican Bowl

Makes: 2
Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes

Recipe provided by Whitworths


½ Butternut Squash, peeled and diced into 2cm squares
1 tbsp. of Fajita spice mix
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 200g tin of Sweetcorn, thoroughly drained
2 tbsp. of vegan yogurt
1 tsp of chipotle paste
1 Whitworths Protein by Nature Mexican Spicy Grains pouch
½ Red onion, peeled and diced
½ Avocado, peeled and sliced
5 – 6 cherry tomatoes, halved

To serve
1 lime
Pickled Jalapenos to taste, sliced
Handful of fresh coriander
Couple of nachos each


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F, Gas Mark 4)
  2. Mix together the butternut squash, fajita spice mix and olive oil and bake until soft.
  3. Bring a large frying pan up to a high heat and add the drained sweetcorn. Cook for 2 – 3 minutes until a little charring occurs. Set aside.
  4. Mix the vegan yogurt and chipotle paste together and set aside.
  5. Cook the Whitworths Protein by Nature Mexican Spicy Grains pouch as per back of pack instructions.
  6. Spoon the Mexican spicy grains in the bottom of the bowl and place the butternut squash, charred corn, red onion, avocado and tomatoes on top.
  7. Add a dollop of the chipotle yogurt mix in the middle and garnish with a lime wedge, fresh coriander leaves, sliced pickled jalapenos and a couple of nachos each

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