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Vegan Amazake French Toast by Clearspring


Vegan Amazake French Toast-

Amazake is a well-known warm drink in Japan. Here we have used our amazake to make a vegan french toast. Simply soak the amazake into to some bread and you will have a delicious jucy piece of toast for that comfort weekend breakfast.

Serves 4


  1. o 1 Jar Clearspring Amazake – Brown Rice
  2. o 1 Jar filtered water
  3. o 1 tbsp Clearspring Coconut oil
  4. o 1 baguette or a loaf of soughdough bread (optional Gluten Free bread)
  5. o 1 tsp Clearspring Kuzu (optional)
  6. o 2 tbsp Maple Syrup (optional)
  7. o Fresh Fruit (optional)
  8. o Clearspring Fruit Puree (if fresh fruit is not in season) (optional)


  1. Take your bread and cut to around 3cm thick with a bread knife or to your prefered thickness.
  2. Empty the Amazake into a large bowl, fill the jar with filtered water and mix both liquids with a whisk or a spoon until blended. (Optional – Mix the Kuzu with 1 tbsp of water and add to the mixture. This will thicken the liquid) Dip the bread into the liquid and place in a large container (with a lid), pour the remaining liquid into the container and leave in the fridge for at least 30min.
  3. Wash and slice all the fruit you would like to have as your toppin and leave in a bowl.
  4. In a large frying pan, place 1 tbsp of coconut oil, one by one, slowly place the amazake soaked bread and fry them on medium to low heat. Flip the bread and check that both sides are golden brown.
  5. Place all the cooked french toast on a serving dish. Now, let’s start decorating the dish. Pour a generous amount of maple syrup before serving. Enjoy warm.

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