Vegan Mussels

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Vegan mussels

The secret is in the nori sheets which give these garlicky mushrooms the taste of the sea.


  1. 250g mushrooms
  2. ½ sheet nori
  3. 1 small, white onion
  4. 2 – 4 cloves of garlic
  5. Oil
  6. Pinch of salt
  7. 100ml hot water
  8. Soya cream or soya milk


  • One of the first dishes I tried to make vegan was mussels. The most obvious replacement for me were mushrooms. It worked quite well but lacked a couple of things so I have refined it this time after doing some thinking and some research.
  • I cut my mushrooms down to bite size but quite large chunks and then tossed them in a little oil before baking for around 20 mins until they were cooked and importantly, chewy. They will reduce in size in the oven so don’t make them too small. I used button type mushrooms but you could use any you want. A mixture might be quite nice.
  • I sliced my nori up in to shreds and then soaked in hot water for 5 minutes or so. The sheet I used was not that salty so I added a pinch of salt. It is worth checking to see if you need to do this or not. You could use a whole sheet if you fancy it to get even more taste of the sea.
  • Whilst the nori was soaking, I cut up a small, white onion and soften in a pan with some more oil. Once softened I added a couple of garlic cloves too before adding the nori and the water it soaked in.
  • I added the mushrooms to the pan and a splash of soya milk (or cream if you are using) and just stirred until all combined and lovely looking. You might want to add a bit more water depends on how dry or not you want the dish.
  • Then they are ready to go. I had mine with chips and bread.

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