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What are the Tim Hortons vegan options in the UK? Check out our handy guide.

After more than 50 years since opening in Canada, the iconic coffee and fast food chain has finally landed in the UK! Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or a quick coffee, you’ll find vegan offerings here.

Vegan Options at Tim Hortons UK


  • Hash Brown The golden, crispy hash browns are vegan at Tim Hortons.
  • Toast and Jam Fluffy white bloomer bread toasted to perfection with a layer of fruit jam.
  • Plain Bagel
Toast with Jam - vegan options at Tim Hortons
Image Credit: Tim Hortons

Lunch and Dinner

  • Vegan Wrap – A plant-based chicken patty with iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion and vegan mayonnaise inside a white tortilla wrap.
  • Lattice Fries A portion of crispy lattice fries, cooked until golden.
  • Dips – Vegan mayo / Sweet Chilli Sauce / BBQ Sauce / Tomato Ketchup
Tim Hortons Vegan Wrap
Image Credit: Tim Hortons

Timmies Minis

  • Strawberry Fruit Yo Yos
  • Timmies Minis Lattice Fried – a smaller portion of the crispy lattice fries, perfect for the little ones.


  • Iced Capp Coconut – Tim Horton’s signature blended frozen coffee beverage made with coconut milk
  • Lemonade Refresher & Strawberry Lemonade Refresher
  • Hot Beverages Americano, brewed tea, latte, cappuccino, flat white, caramel macchiato, and chai latte can all be made vegan when you choose Alpro Soya, Oat or Coconut milk.

Stay tuned for more vegan options at Tim Hortons stores across the UK! Check out our guides to eating out at Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Caffè Nero too.

This information is accurate as of 05/01/2024

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