8 Best Vegan Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Are Yorkshire puddings vegan? Sadly, most store-bought Yorkies include eggs and dairy. However, there are lots of great vegan Yorkshire pudding recipes out there.

Homemade vegan Yorkshire puddings
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The Yorkshire pudding is a staple of the British Sunday roast dinner. But making them without eggs and dairy is the stuff of legends – the Excalibur of food mythology if you will!

Vegans shouldn’t have to miss out on this important British institution. And until Aunt Bessie’s steps up to the plate, we’ll have to soldier on and make our own puffy, golden delights.

Some would argue that you’ll never be able to match the traditional recipe using egg and dairy alternatives to make perfectly light and crispy Yorkies. However, we searched the web to find the best recipes out there and put them all here for your convenience. Happy baking!

1. The Vegan Punks

Creating a worthy Yorkshire pud is no easy feat. This recipe by The Vegan Punks has been improved and refined over the years, because they want to ensure that it’s just right.

Follow their instructions carefully to achieve the much-love golden, crispy exterior and the squishy middle to fill with gravy.

Vegan Punks vegan Yorkshire puddings
Image Credit: The Vegan Punks

2. All Plants

You can rest assured that this recipe by All Plants also went through several iterations to help people achieve the perfect crispy and golden Yorkshire puddings.

Their recipe makes 12 puds, which is ideal for larger family get-togethers.

All Plants Yorkshire puddings
Image Credit: All Plants


The Bosh duo, Henry and Ian, are no strangers to creating plant-based versions of beloved dishes.

They heard the vegan community’s cries for help and developed their own recipe for Yorkshire puddings we can drizzle in gravy and enjoy alongside our Sunday roast.

Bosh recipe
Image Credit: BOSH


In this recipe, you can use the aquafaba egg replacer by OGGS to create the perfect pud. Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these vegan Yorkshire puddings tick all the right boxes.

Oggs Yorkshire Puddings
Image Credit: OGGS

5. Avant Garde Vegan

Gaz Oakley of Avant Garde Vegan also took up the challenge of veganising this tricky dish! We’re pretty impressed with how they turned out and this recipe is easy to follow.

Avant Garde Vegan recipe
Image Credit: Avant Garde Vegan

6. Flora

Although you may find some unconventional ingredients in Flora’s Yorkshire pudding recipe, it’s more suitable for those who are less advanced in the kitchen!

Flora recipe
Image Credit: Flora

7. Cauldron

If you’re confident in the kitchen and want to push the boat out, why not try this Yorkshire pudding stuffed with winter veggies? This recipe by Cauldron serves 6 fluffy puds.

Cauldron recipe
Image Credit: Cauldron Foods

8. Crack’d

Use Crack’d vegan egg replacer to achieve these dreamy Yorkies. Only a few simple ingredients are needed to make these golden, crispy delights. Perfect for any Sunday roast or Christmas dinner.

Crack'd Yorkshire puddings
Image Credit: Crack’d

So that’s several different ways to get scrumptious egg and dairy-free Yorkshire puds!

top tips for making vegan Yorkshire puddings

  • Whichever fat/oil you use, make sure it’s sizzling hot before you pour in the mixture
  • Never, ever be tempted to open the oven door while they’re cooking!
  • Some people get a better result using different plant milks or by using different types of egg replacer, so let us know your tried and tested methods
  • As this is such a unique food to replicate, it will take practice to get right
  • The oven temperature is one of the most important factors for getting this right – it needs to be hot
  • Make sure you use deep muffin tins for a decent sized Yorkshire pud

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