Do you think it is illegal to eat dog meat in the UK? What are your reasons for that answer? Show your workings!

Do you think it’s legal for me to kill my dog and then eat her? So long as it was ‘humane’?

Well actually, after speaking with the RSPCA, they have confirmed that there is no law to prevent me killing my dog, whether she is ill or not, and then eating her corpse. I can chop her up, season her and cook her on the BBQ. I could serve her to friends and family, in fact you could bring your dogs over and we could kill them all and cook them together! I mean, protein is protein and dog meat contains 19g per 100g. That’s not bad! They are made of meat so we must be meant to eat them, right? We even have teeth named after them to help us eat them! It’s meant to be! If you don’t eat one, I’ll eat two!

(Better than chicken, because there are four drumsticks!)

The reason for this post and the reason I asked the question of the RSPCA is to try and point out something. Hopefully, the non-vegans reading this would’ve felt something not right about picturing me killing a healthy dog and eating ‘it’. Or a group of us killing healthy dogs and enjoying the meat on a BBQ.

That feeling, the uneasiness and hopefully sickening feeling and the thoughts aimed at me for talking about butchering innocent dogs, is the same feeling that vegans feel when we think about cows, sheep, pigs, fish, and chickens being killed for nothing other than taste (which can be replicated if you really want the taste). It is only because you have been distanced from animals used for food that you don’t have that connection with them. When you realise that there isn’t anything different between a pig and a dog or a cow and a lamb you will understand why people are vegan. Being vegan is easy when you put the victim first. It isn’t about what food or products you miss out on, it’s about doing what is right for others.

Below is the RSPCA’s response in full.