How to Help Animals in Ukraine

What is happening right now in Ukraine is a tragedy and Veganuary hopes for peace to be restored as soon as possible.

In addition to the many human victims of this war, cherished family pets and other animals have sadly been abandoned as people have fled for safety.

There are many courageous people working at animal shelters and rescues in Ukraine who are dealing with tens of thousands of stray animals. In the coming days, food and other essential supplies are expected to run out as the war in Ukraine continues.

“Our work now remains important and necessary, because animals do not understand what is happening and also need food and treatment…”

Nastya Aboliesheva from Happy Paw speaking to Newsweek

If you can, please support the animal shelters and organisations battling this crisis by donating or spreading the word. This will help brave volunteers and staff feed and care for animal victims who desperately need it.

Here are some animal shelters, rescues and organisations in need of support:

Sunflower Of Peace

A non-profit organisation helping people affected in Ukraine.

United Help Ukraine

An organisation providing medical and humanitarian relief to people affected in Ukraine.

Happy Paw

U Animals

Shelter Ugolyok

Sirius Shelter

International Fund for Animal Welfare

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