The right to live

Animals are not our property,
and should not be used for food,
clothing, research or entertainment

Animals are sentient beings. They feel emotions, can suffer, and their lives matter to them.  

People are animals, too, so it should come as no surprise that, like us, other animals can experience pleasure and joy, despair and fear, and a host of other emotions, too. And like us, animals want to eat, live and raise their young without being harmed. But the mass production of animals harms them in more ways than we often acknowledge.

There is, of course, the physical pain, of teeth and tails being clipped, horns burned off and ear tags puncturing flesh, but there is also the overwhelming suffering of life spent in a cage, or standing on broken bones, or having milk taken through infected teats. And all this is routine on British farms.

What of the emotional toll? The dairy cow who grieves for her young, as calf by calf they are taken from her so that their milk can be sold for human consumption. The hen who is not permitted to keep her eggs, let alone hatch out her chicks, and can only watch as they roll away. The ewe and her lamb bleating for one another, long after the young sheep has been sent away for fattening.

Being vegan is being kind. And isn’t that the kind of world we want?

Someone, not something.

When we talk about the billions of animals suffering at the hands of the dairy, meat and egg industries, it can be easy to overlook the fact that each and every one of these animals is an individual. Each as unique as your cat or dog, with the same little personality traits and quirks. Here we share the stories of some fantastic characters, rescued from slaughter and living their lives as nature intended.

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