Why Should We Ditch Chicken and Eggs From Our Diets?

Tens of billions of chickens are raised and killed for food every year – more than all other land animals combined. The meat industry has turned beautiful, clever and harmless birds into the most abused land animal on earth.

For hens used for eggs, suffering is inherent in all methods of egg production, including free-range. Their lives are short, and for male chicks, very short indeed. They are the wrong sex to lay eggs and the wrong breed for meat, so their lives are deemed to be worthless and they are killed in the hatchery.  

It’s never been easier to ditch chicken and eggs from our diets and replace them with plant-based alternatives. We are here to show you how and why. Scroll down to get our free mini cookbook, as as well as guides and articles. #ChooseChickenFree