“Tackling the climate crisis isn’t rocket science”, say scientists backing Veganuary’s message to COP26

Ads declaring ‘Houston, We Have a Solution’ appear across Glasgow

2nd November, 2021 — Veganuary, the global organisation encouraging people to try vegan in January and beyond, is declaring ‘Houston, We Have a Solution’ in eye-catching ads appearing on public transport and billboards across Glasgow today as global leaders gather for COP26.

Their message is backed by over a dozen scientists and environmentalists, including US rocket scientist Olympia LePoint, British aeronautical engineer Vijay Singh, German astronomer Anna Frebel, Science Director of Scotland’s ClimateXchange Professor Peter Smith, as well as conservationist Chris Packham and Greenpeace UK who have all signed an open letter stating:

“Tackling the climate crisis isn’t rocket science! We already have a solution that can drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions – moving to a plant-based diet. What we need now is for politicians and policymakers to prioritise diet change to protect our planet…”

View the full text of the letter and all signatories here.

View and download Veganuary’s ad here.

The letter, which focuses on the need for government initiatives to drive down meat and dairy consumption, concludes with an urgent call to action: “Our planet is at a tipping point. We must act now to prevent a rise in temperature that will drastically alter life on earth. Changing our diets is one small step for each of us, but together, it’s a giant leap for the future of humankind.”

With a recently leaked report from the IPCC stating ‘Plant-based diets can reduce emissions by up to 50% compared to the average emission-intensive western diet’, Veganuary’s striking ad highlights the simple solution already available to help halt climate chaos – changing our diets. It calls on everyone to cut their carbon footprint by trying vegan for one month with Veganuary.

Veganuary’s Head of Communications, Toni Vernelli, says: “Climate change is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and one key solution is at everyone’s finger-tips – their fork. Changing our diets is crucial to cutting GHG emissions but can seem daunting. Signing up to Veganuary makes it much easier as our free pledge is full of helpful tips and advice, including a seven-day low carbon meal plan highlighting simple swaps that slash the carbon footprint of classic British dishes.”

A survey published last month* found that six months after completing their one-month Veganuary challenge, 82% of those participants who were not vegan when they signed-up had maintained a dramatic reduction in their animal product consumption. Thirty percent were still eating a fully vegan diet, 38% were eating at least 75% less meat and other animal products than pre-Veganuary and 14% were eating at least 50% less.

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*The survey was sent by Veganuary to 65% of the 582,000 people who signed-up during the 2021 campaign. 8,690 people responded.

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