Kale, Broccoli & Tofu Stir-Fry with Ginger Miso Dressing

Kale, Broccoli & Tofu Stir-Fry with Ginger Miso Dressing
Cooking Time: 20M
Serves: 2

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  1. 1 tbsp toasted sesame oil
  2. 2 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
  3. 1 onion, finely sliced half-moons
  4. 10 fresh shitake mushrooms, finely sliced or dried shitake mushrooms
  5. ½ block of tofu cut into (small dice)
  6. 1 head of broccoli cut into medium-sized pieces
  7. 1 head curly kale, stem removed and thinly sliced
  8. 3 Tbsp tamari or shoyu (organic soya sauce)
  9. 1 Tbsp white miso paste dissolved in two tbsp water
  10. 1 Tbsp freshly squeezed ginger juice
  11. 1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
  12. 2 Tbsp toasted sesame seeds

This is a great recipe for a quick lunchtime stir-fry, with broccoli and kale (or dark-leafed cabbage greens or spinach).

Prep time: Overnight or a few hours to marinate tofu

Cook time: 20 minutes

Serves 2


To get the best taste from tofu, dry-fry it and then marinate it for a few hours, or overnight in the fridge.

To dry-fry, simply press excess water out with paper towel, slice the tofu and place in a dry frying pan at a low heat and press with a spatula.  You will hear a hissing sound as the excess water is removed.  Turn over and do the other side. To marinade, use 1 Tbsp of each – freshly squeezed ginger juice, shoyu and mirin – you can add ¼ tsp turmeric, sweet paprika, garlic powder or whatever taste excites you.


Press the tofu in paper towels to absorb any excess water.

Whisk the soya sauce, miso paste, ginger juice and vinegar in a cup and set aside.

Heat the toasted sesame oil in a wok over medium heat and add the garlic, onion and mushrooms stir well and cook for 5 minutes.

Add the diced tofu and cook on a high heat for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add the kale stir and cover for 5 minutes or until it turns bright green adding a little water if necessary.

Add the broccoli cover for 3 or 4 minutes, if the pan seems dry add a splash more water.

Remove from the heat. Stir in the dressing.

Serve in bowls and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.





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