Vegan Fish Fingers

vegan fish fingers
Prep Time: 15M
Cooking Time: 10M
Serves: 4

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  1. Step 1 ingredients:
  2. Plenty of cooking oil
  3. Sushi sheets
  4. Step 2 ingredients:
  5. 250g extra firm tofu
  6. 150g artichoke hearts in oil
  7. Juice of 1/2 lemon
  8. Step 3 ingredients:
  9. 80g chickpea flour
  10. 5 tbsp nutritional yeast
  11. (2 tbsp olive oil)
  12. 1 1/2 tsp salt
  13. 1 tsp garlic powder
  14. Step 4 ingredients:
  15. Breadcrumbs (e.g. gluten-free ones)
  16. Optional ingredients:
  17. Lemons
  18. Peas
  19. Ketchup
  20. vegan Mayo
  21. Potatoes salad
  22. Chips

These vegan fish fingers are so yummy and bursting with comforting flavour, they will convince even non-vegans. Serve with chips and peas – of course!

Recipe serves: 4

Prep time: 15 mins

Cooking time: 10 mins


Step 1:
Pour cooking oil into a pan and add 1 pack of sushi nori sheets to infuse the oil. The longer you leave them in the better: e.g. you could soak them in the morning and then cook the vegan fish fingers in the evening for a more intense taste. Alternatively, if you don’t have much time heat them up a bit for 5 minutes so they give up more flavour. Make sure the heat isn’t too high because they burn easily.

Step 2:
Place ingredients of step 2 into a food processor until you get a semi-smooth mixture.

Step 3:
Transfer the mixture into a large bowl and add all other ingredients from this step and mix. Make sure there are no chickpea flour lumps, otherwise the fish fingers might taste bitter.

Form fish finger shapes. Alternatively, just form sausage shapes. Admittedly it was a bit of work to make rectangular shapes and when they were fried they lost their shape a bit anyway. So if you want to make your life easier, roll them into a sausage shape, it won’t make a difference in terms of taste. They will be quite soft at this stage, but don’ worry they will firm up when fried.

Step 4:
Add breadcrumbs to a bowl and roll the vegan fish fingers in them until they are covered on all sides.

Take the sushi sheets out of the pan with cooking oil and heat up the pan. Fry the fish fingers in the pan until they are golden brown. Place on a kitchen towel to soak up the excess oil.

Optionally drizzle some lemon juice on top when serving the fish fingers. Have cooked peas, chips or potato salad and ketchup or vegan mayo on the side. Enjoy!

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