Forget cheese, vegans miss milk chocolate most!

Popular products that people would like to veganise
Popular products that our respondents would like to see ‘veganised’. Images courtesy of McVitie’s, Mars & Cadbury

Veganuary survey reveals huge demand to ‘veganise’ popular sweet treats

Most people who care about protecting animals or the environment have considered going vegan at some point, but the one thing that prevents them – according to popular belief – is the ubiquitous love of cheese. But a survey carried out by Veganuary, showed it’s actually vegan versions of their favourite milk chocolate treats that vegans crave most.

When given a choice of eight options, including several chocolatey treats and some cheesy snacks, and asked which one they’d most like to veganise, Veganuary supporters overwhelming chose Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (28% of votes) followed by Mars Bar (14% of votes) and Chocolate Hobnobs (12% of votes). The highest rated cheesy item was Walker’s cheese and onion crisps with 10% of votes followed by cottage cheese on 9% of votes. Babybel came last with only 7% of votes.

According to Toni Vernelli, Head of Communications at Veganuary, “These results should be a real wake-up call to companies like Cadbury’s, Mars and McVities which are missing out on a huge potential market of sweet-toothed vegans! With so many dairy-free milks, creams and spreads available, making vegan versions of their bestselling chocolate treats should be easy as pie.”

She added, “Dozens of major brands – including Richmond, Walls, Hellman’s, Magnum and Applewood – have released vegan versions of their bestselling products to enormous success. Major chocolate and biscuit companies are already late to the plant-based party. It’s time to catch-up!”

The survey was sent to 100,000 Veganuary supporters based in the UK on 3rd September 2019. 1,368 people responded.

The results from Veganuary's 'If you could veganise anything, what would it be?' poll.
Veganuary Survey Results

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