10 Best Vegan Podcasts

Fancy some new listening material? We’ve compiled 10 of the best vegan podcasts, from food-focused series to animal rights activism.

10 of the best vegan podcasts for you to listen to
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If reading books isn’t your thing, why not expand your knowledge of vegan living with a good podcast instead? Great for learning new things and keeping your mind occupied, podcasts are more popular than ever. So, take a look at the amazing creators making plant-based life easier for us all.

1. The ChickPeeps

This popular podcast was created by Veganuary ambassador Evanna Lynch and her co-hosts Momoko Hill, Robbie Jarvis and Tylor Starr. The ChickPeeps has a fun and friendly tone, making it ideal for new vegans who are beginners to many of the dilemmas and talking points featured on the show.

The ChickPeeps Vegan Podcast logo
Image Credit: The Chickpeeps

2. Brown Vegan

Need tips on going vegan? The Brown Vegan podcast is a great all-rounder. Monique Koch offers all the advice you could ever need to transition to vegan living, as well as cooking tips and recipes. She also features guests and explores different topics around diet and lifestyle.

Brown Vegan Podcast logo
Image Credit: Brown Vegan Podcast

3. The Sweet Tooth Vegan

Shaleena McGregor is a vegan entrepreneur and podcaster, bringing you tips on vegan living, interviews with vegan activists and business owners and discussions on veganism in the Black community.

The Sweet Tooth Vegan logo
Image Credit: The Sweet Tooth Vegan

4. The Disclosure Podcast

Earthling Ed is one of the most prominent activists and educators in the vegan movement. In his podcast, he discusses news and current events in the vegan community with guests, along with ethics and morality. You’ll learn so much about animal agriculture and how to address common arguments made against veganism.

The Disclosure Podcast
Image Credit: The Disclosure Podcast

5. The Exam Room

Dr Neal Bernard is an authority on vegan nutrition who shares the science behind a plant-powered diet. The Exam Room podcast is ideal for the health-conscious, or those who want more information about getting the right nutrition from their vegan diet.

The Exam Room Podcast
Image Credit: The Exam Room

6. The Minimalist Vegan

Interested in sustainability and zero-waste living? Hosts Michael and Maša Ofe explore many topics around compassionate living, minimalism and consumerism, as well as productivity and personal identity.

The Minimalist Vegan podcast
Image Credit: Minimalist Vegan

7. The Vegan Fitness Podcast

Fitness fanatics who are concerned about building strength on a vegan diet needn’t worry. Host Fritz Horstmann shares plenty of tips on transforming your body, losing fat and developing healthy habits. He also addresses common myths and misconceptions about plant-based living.

The Vegan Fitness Podcast
Image Credit: The Vegan Fitness Podcast

8. Our Hen House

Want to hear from inspiring activists and changemakers? Hosts Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan interview a range of interesting guests to discuss everything from animals rescued from labs to diversity in the animal rights movement.

Our Hen House Podcast
Image Credit: Our Hen House

9. The Simply Vegan Podcast

The makers of Vegan Food and Living magazine launched The Simply Vegan Podcast to bring you vegan news, guest interviews and product reviews every week. This is ideal if you’re looking for a fun, easy listen.

Simply Vegan Podcast
Image Credit: Simply Vegan Podcast

10. Veggie Doctor Radio

This podcast is hosted by Dr. Yami, a board-certified paediatrician who is passionate about wellness and plant-powered living. Veggie Doctor Radio features science-backed tips on diet, nutrition and healthful living as well as raising a vegan family.

Image Credit: Veggie Doctor Radio

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