Famous Vegan Athletes

Protein? No problem. These famous vegan athletes swear by a plant-powered diet

There are many famous vegan athletes due to the health benefits of veganism
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One of the biggest misconceptions of adopting a vegan diet is that you’ll be deprived of essential nutrients, lack energy and find it harder to stay fit. However, elite athletes are increasingly crediting the power of plants for enhanced performance, higher energy levels and faster recovery.

If you’re having doubts about going animal-free, these vegan athletes will inspire you.

Sir Lewis Hamilton

The British Formula One driver has been vegan since 2017 and makes the headlines for his activism almost as often as he does for winning races. Lewis has praised his vegan diet for improving his performance in racing and boosting his energy.

In 2020, he achieved a record of seven Formula One World Championships, only equalled by the legendary driver Michael Schumacher.

Lewis Hamilton
Image Credit: Instagram.com/lewishamilton

Venus Williams

The iconic tennis player holds countless titles and four Olympic gold medals, making her one of the most successful players in history.

Venus switched to a plant-based diet for health reasons in 2011 when she was diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease which causes swelling, joint stiffness and severe fatigue. She also launched Happy Viking, a plant-based protein brand.

Venus Williams
Image Credit: Instagram.com/venuswilliams

Patrik Baboumian

As one of the strongest men on the planet, we think it’s pretty safe to say Patrik Baboumian doesn’t struggle to get enough protein! He won Germany’s Strongest Man in 2011, the year he became vegan.

This plant-powered Strongman broke the record for the heaviest yoke carried over 10 metres (555.2 kg), as well as the world record for log lifts (165 kg). Patrik’s achievements show that you don’t need meat, eggs and dairy to build strength!

Patrik Baboumian
Image Credit: Instagram.com/patrikbaboumian

Lisa Gawthorne

As a long-term vegan, Lisa Gawthorne is living proof you don’t need to eat animals to be at the top of your game. Throughout her career, this Team GB athlete has competed in running and cross country in her age group, as well as duathlons (run-bike-run).

She is an impressive athlete who praises her vegan diet for improving her performance, sleep, recovery and digestion. Her book, Gone in 60 Minutes, offers fitness and health tips for people transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Lisa Gawthorne
Image Credit: Instagram.com/lisa_gawthorne

Morgan Mitchell

Morgan Mitchell is an Australian sprinter and two-time Olympian who praises her plant-based diet for faster recovery and enhanced performance.

After going vegan in 2014, she’s never looked back and has achieved several personal bests since being plant-powered. There’s no sign of her slowing down any time soon!

Morgan Mitchell

Diana Taurasi

In 2015, the legendary US basketball player shifted to a completely plant-based diet for health reasons and it has helped her stay at the top of her game too.

She has five WNBL scoring titles and four Olympic gold medals to her name and is currently competing in her fifth Olympic games.

Diana Taurasi
Image Credit: Instagram.com/dianataurasi

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