What is the Best Vegan Milk for Tea?

It’s an exciting time to be vegan, but it can be a little confusing when you don’t know which is the best vegan milk for tea

A collage of the various plant milks available. Which is the best vegan milk for tea? Our guide assesses each one.

As more and more dairy alternatives hit the shelves, it’s hard to decide which vegan milk to go for.

But don’t panic. We’ll go through the best milk alternatives for tea, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your dairy-free cuppa.

All you need to worry about is which biscuit you fancy!

Soya milk

This readily available option is a strong contender for the ultimate plant milk, and many non-vegans often can’t tell the difference in look or flavour.

However, the acid in tea (and coffee) can cause it to split if you’re not careful, so try warming the milk slightly.

Why it’s great: With a higher protein content than nut milks, soya is suitable for everything from baking to pre-gym smoothies. It’s often the cheapest plant milk variety, too.

Almond milk

Almond milk in tea? Yes, it’s a thing. This is another worthy contender for tea lovers, offering a lower calorie content than soya. However, it doesn’t give tea quite the same colour and can sometimes split.

If you love a strong builder’s brew, almond is the best plant milk for tea.

Why it’s great: The taste and texture are perfect for cereal. It’s a popular choice with bakers and packed with nutrients. Almond milk also makes a yummy latte and you can find it in most high street café chains.

A carton of Oatly plant milk and a cup of coffee. This is one of the most popular plant milks.
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Oat milk

Never had oat milk in tea before? You’re missing out. It boasts a subtle flavour and you get a lovely cup of tea without the worry of it splitting if you choose one designed for hot drinks.

Oat milk is definitely the underdog, so give it a fair chance when you’re considering your favourite dairy replacement.

Why it’s great: It’s thicker and creamier than other dairy-free options, making it an ideal vegan milk for tea and coffee. Why not start your day with an oat cappuccino?

Coconut milk

Fancy something a bit different? Coconut milk has a distinctive taste which some traditionalists can’t get on board with.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, though. We love it with Earl Grey when we’re in the mood for a change from classic teas.

Why it’s great: Coconut milk is popular in coffee and makes a tasty rice pudding. If you like creamy cocktails, look no further.

Hazelnut milk

Another hidden gem in the dairy-free section, hazelnut milk makes a solid cuppa if you prefer stronger teas.

Although it won’t split in hot drinks thanks to its thick and creamy texture, it can overpower a normal breakfast tea. However, it complements a chocolatey Assam tea beautifully.

Why it’s great: With a notably nuttier flavour than other plant milks, it’s an ideal milkshake base.

Cashew milk

Yes, cashew milk in tea is also a thing! Although it’s a little more expensive than other options on this list, cashew milk is creamy and nutty yet more subtle than hazelnut. We think it deserves a try!

Why it’s great: Cashew milk is lower in carbohydrates than many other nut milks, so it’s the best choice for a low-carb diet. Just make sure you choose the unsweetened version (but pick the sweetened option for a scrumptious hot chocolate, of course).

Hemp milk

Avoiding nuts or soy? Try hemp milk in tea.

While it has an unusual taste by itself, it makes a creamy cup of tea that won’t split on you. Rich in protein and healthy fats, it’s one of the best plant milks not just for tea, but for its nutritional benefits.

Why it’s great: Hemp milk makes a fantastic smoothie base if you’re looking to pack in some serious nutrients.

There are plenty of other great plant milks to try, from rice and pea to tiger nut.

Ultimately, the best alternative milk for tea depends on your preference, and after all, trying vegan is all about experimenting with exciting new flavours.

Feeling inspired to explore plant-powered options further? Check out our Choose Dairy-Free campaign.

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