Vegan Fashion Brands

So you’ve removed animals from your diet, now what about your outfit? These are the vegan fashion brands to look out for

When you first try vegan, the focus tends to be on delicious food. Yum! But veganism is about more than what you eat. Going plant-based extends to many areas of life, like clothing. When you’re shopping for a new sweater or pair of shoes, you might be surprised to discover traces of animal products wherever you go, such as animal skins, down and fur. Fear not: finding animal-friendly fashion is getting easier with time as brands embrace cruelty-free design.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to vegan fashion, this guide covers all your clothing needs!

Monkee Genes

Offering everything from jeans and trousers to hoodies and bags, Monkee Genes have your wardrobe covered. All products are vegan and made with non-toxic dyes and GOTS-certified cotton, meaning they’re kind to animals and the planet. Monkee Genes are also an affordable brand, which shows looking after the planet doesn’t have to break the bank.

Monkee Genes
Image Credit: Monkee Genes

Matt & Nat

The vegan bag brand on everyone’s lips, Matt & Nat (or MAT(T)erial and NATure) are a Canadian company famed for their sleek leather-looking bags and beautiful brand aesthetic with mainstream fashion appeal. Over the years, Matt & Nat have been experimenting with different recycled materials such as recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork which they have confidently integrated within the products. As the name suggests, Matt & Nat is inspired by the textures and hues of nature and aim to constantly improve their products to better protect it.

Matt & Nat bag
Image Credit: Matt & Nat

Heart Cure

Do you like to showcase your values on your sleeve? Heart Cure is the vegan fashion brand for you. Their collection of streetwear includes bold animal-based designs and slogans, with affordable clothing for adults and kids alike. You’ll also find zero waste and recycled products on their website.

Heart Cure Clothing
Image Credit: Heart Cure Clothing

Koi Footwear

Looking for fashion-forward pieces that don’t involve animal cruelty? Koi Footwear offers quirky, creative footwear designs for all genders and their shoes are budget-friendly too. Whether you need a new pair of trainers or statement-making shoes for a special occasion, you’ll find the perfect design here.

Koi Footwear
Image Credit: Koi Footwear

Ethical Wares

Ethical Wares have all your vegan fashion needs taken care of, from socks to sweaters. Their extensive range of products includes something for every taste, style and occasion, making it a great go-to place for everything ethical!

Ethical Wares
Image Credit: Ethical Wares

Vegan fashion tips

  1. Take your time. You don’t need to overhaul your wardrobe right away. It’s perfectly fine to wait until a garment wears out before replacing it with a vegan, ethically sourced equivalent. This will be better for the planet and your purse!
  2. Not sure if an item is vegan? The Vegan Society certifies clothing for many brands, just like they do food. Look out for their logo when you’re out and about.
  3. Avoid fast fashion. It can be extremely damaging for the environment and for vulnerable workers. If you can afford them, look for high quality items that will last.
  4. Shop second-hand. This won’t just save you money – it has a much smaller environmental footprint too.

Which materials aren’t vegan?

Leather, silk, wool, cashmere, down and feathers are animal-derived and therefore aren’t suitable for vegans.

What is vegan leather made from?

Vegan leather is an exciting area of innovation which is still developing. Materials such as pineapple, cork, apple and banana can be used to create strong, supple clothes, bags and shoes which mimic animal leather.

Is vegan fashion sustainable?

Although many faux leather products are vegan-friendly, they often use plastic-derived materials. If you want to avoid plastic and shop more sustainably, avoid these fabrics:
• Polyester
• Acrylic
• Nylon
• Elastane
• Polyamide
• Polyurethane

Recycled, organic and plant-derived products are more eco-friendly, so look out for bamboo, hemp, viscose and lyocell.


Thinking of trying vegan?

Veganuary inspires and supports people all over the world to try vegan for January and beyond. Millions of people have already taken part. Will you join them?