Veganuary 2021 saves over 2 million animals in just one month

4th March 2021 – Veganuary, the global organisation encouraging people to try vegan in January and beyond, has today released its 2021 campaign review. Highlights from the report include:

  • More than 582,000 people signed-up from 209 countries and territories
  • Together they spared more than 2 million animals from suffering in just one month*
  • 825 new vegan products and menu options were launched during January
  • More than 1500 international media stories were published about Veganuary
  • Veganuary’s social media channels had a combined reach of 224 million
  • More than 17.6 million support emails were sent to Veganuary participants

The full campaign review is available here.

While over half a million people officially signed-up with Veganuary globally, YouGov data shows that one in twenty Britons (5%) attempted to go vegan in January. This means around three million people in Britain tried vegan this January as a result of the ‘Veganuary Effect’.

A Kantar study** conducted last month found that half of Britons who tried vegan in January 2021 plan on continuing with diet changes by either adopting a fully vegan or vegetarian diet, or introducing plant-based substitutes into their diet. Based on YouGov’s data, this equates to around 1.5 million people in Britain adopting a more plant-based diet as a result of the ‘Veganuary Effect’.

Commenting on the incredible impact of Veganuary’s 2021 campaign, Ria Rehberg, Veganuary’s CEO, says:

“This year, more than ever, I feel that another world is possible. A world where plant-based food is the mainstream choice, where the word vegan is associated with something positive and desirable, where major food companies are investing millions to switch to more sustainable animal-free options and are telling the world that this is the food of the future – and the food of today. A world where vegan products are easily accessible to everyone everywhere, omnipresent in supermarkets, restaurants and in cafeterias. This January gave us a glimpse of what is possible.”

Media contact

Toni Vernelli, International Head of Communications, Veganuary

T: 07505 866 548

E: [email protected]


*Based on the Vegan Society’s Veganalyser calculator and Veganuary participant data including geographical location and pre-pledge diet

**A LinkQ study on Worldpanel plus conducted by Kantar in February 2021

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