Veganuary Welcomes New Ambassador Chris Packham

We are both elated and proud to announce Chris Packham as our latest Ambassador!

Chris Packham - Veganuary Ambassador - 008 - Web-Res - Photo by Chris Shoebridge
Image Credit: Chris Shoebridge

There was much excitement when we received the news that renowned wildlife campaigner, photographer, presenter, writer and conservationist Chris Packham would be adopting a vegan diet for January and would be joining us as an Ambassador! Chris’s incredible career working alongside wildlife from a young age, together with his remarkable broadcasting skills and passionate conservation work, both charitable and professional, make Chris well suited to his Ambassador role for Veganuary.   


Chris’s passion for animal welfare and environmental preservation resonates in his every word, be it written or spoken. His knowledge and experiences of animal agriculture led him to be both concerned and moved by its cruelty. Chris remarks upon his visit to an indoor dairy farm that witnessing animals who are intensively farmed and slaughtered for our consumption compelled him to do more:

“I had nightmares about it for weeks afterwards…it’s just entirely wrong…I couldn’t sleep at night, not a wink, if I didn’t get up in the day and move people in a positive direction over issues that concern me, and that I have some knowledge of.”

“I feel a compunction to stand up and ask people to think about what they do and the choices they make, and to tell them about the true costs of those choices.”


Chris is perhaps best known for his role as a wildlife conservationist and presenter on the BAFTA award-winning Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch series. His enthusiasm for wildlife extends beyond the screen with his private charitable work for various environmental and animal charities such as the RSPB and The British Trust for Ornithology. A conscious awareness of the negative connotations of eating animal products led Chris to consider a change in his diet:

“I’ve been interested in the impact of my diet upon the environment for a long time…there’s the impact that those animals [in animal agriculture] have on climate change…which we know is far more influential on climate change than all of our emissions from vehicles and aircraft.”

Chris’s Veganuary Journey

Chris was “genuinely really excited!” to take part in Veganuary 2019 and he documented every detail of his journey (good and bad!) with complete honesty on his social media via Twitter and Instagram.

As with some other participants, Chris had a top hang-up about trying vegan. Believe it or not, his biggest concern was finding vegan-friendly biscuits! We were quick to assure him that Hobnobs are vegan, much to his elation!

A year on, Chris remains vegan, and is a true champion of animals – both farmed and wild. We are proud and delighted to have his support as a Veganuary Ambassador.

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