Veganuary – A Truly International Campaign for 2019

The Veganuary pledge is now available in multiple languages and for multiple countries!

Globe - Veganuary is international!
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Veganuary has always been an international campaign – after all, people from all but two countries have taken the pledge!

But – this year, we are taking it to a whole new level. We have partnered with some of the world’s most successful animal rights and environmental organisations who are providing a localised Veganuary experience for pledgers in 13 countries.

For five years Veganuary was only in English, but for our 2019 campaign we’ve created the pledge in six more languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Russian and Icelandic.

So, if you are not from an English-speaking country, you might find that we now have a pledge for you through one of our official country partners!

If your country is listed below, you can sign up there to your local Veganuary; and don’t forget to let your vegan-curious friends from abroad know about the pledge if you see their country listed!

Our Partners

Veganuary India, launched in partnership with, is going to be a country-wide festival, and the national and city teams are planning to reach close to 50,000 people through online and offline channels.

About 50 events have been created by city campaign coordinators and they include food festivals, cooking competitions, potlucks, dog days out, musical nights, open mics, lectures, and a 1,000km road trip. There are also restaurant partnerships in place to ensure the new pledgers are able to celebrate Veganuary in style!

Jammu, Chandigarh, Delhi (NCR), Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bengaluru are among the first 16 cities to have signed up and more are expected over the next couple of days!

Veganuary Iceland has been successfully running for a couple of years now in partnership with the Icelandic Vegan Society. For Veganuary 2019 (as it’s called in Iceland) the locals will get an opportunity to get 31-day support emails as well as become a part of a super-supportive Facebook group.

In addition, there will be an array of events for those wanting to find out more about the vegan lifestyle, including a vegan film festival, vegan potluck, story-telling meetings and much, much more!

Veganuary Malaysia is kicking off on 1 January in partnership with Malaysian Vegan. The organisation – in tandem with the Armada Hotel – has organised a one-day vegan extravaganza!

Those attending this landmark event, will be able to try delicious vegan food, discover everything they need to know about living a vegan lifestyle and meet other vegans. Whether you want to give yourself a good start for Veganuary or just fancy some lovely plant-based food, it’s an event for you to explore – check out the video.

Veganuary Singapore is inviting you for lunch on 1 January at a bar with a special vegan menu, created by our local non-profit partner Animal Allies. Later in the month there will be a food truck launch of a new Beyond Meat product, a food crawl and a trip to an animal sanctuary.

The team is going to be at ‘EarthFest Singapore’ on 20 January. Also, as a bonus, every pledger will get a free e-book with local vegan recipes as well as being able to buy vegan food in tens of participating restaurants and cafes!

Veganuary Sweden is being run for the second year by Sweden’s largest animal rights organisation Djurens Rätt. Last year around 8,000 people took part! They have their own vegan recipe website and some cooking videos as well – check it out!

Veganuary Russia is a country-wide campaign based in Perm, Russia’s second most vegan-friendly city (after Saint Petersburg)! Run with Birds Collective, Veganuary Russia offers every pledger a massive vegan recipe book, as well as one month of free meal plans.

Veganuary Australia is run in collaboration with Animals Australia – the biggest animal rights non-profit in the country. We are thrilled that so many pledgers are going to get 100% Aussie content, in one of the most vegan-friendly countries in the world!

Veganuary Chile, Peru and Argentina is our first campaign in Spanish. We know from past experience that people from Spanish-speaking countries in the world will be taking part in Veganuary and Chile-based non-profit Vegetarianos Hoy has carefully prepared every recipe for the pledgers, including a Spanish meal plan.

Veganuary Brazil was created with Forum Animal – the biggest animal rights non-profit in Brazil. Veganism is right on trend there, so the creation of a local pledge, will help people in the country get the best coaching possible on how to try, and then stay, vegan!

Veganuary Japan is run with Animal Rights Center Japan and this is the first Veganuary campaign in an Asian language. Well-known for their creative campaigning, we couldn’t be happier to have them as our official partner!

Veganuary South Africa is our final partner for 2019. We have always had a good uptake for our pledge in South Africa. Now, with our new partner the South African Vegan Society on board, we’re hoping participant levels will skyrocket! With plenty of restaurant and vegan business promotions on offer for Veganuary, there’s plenty of incentives to sign up!

Want to take the pledge in English? Sign up here for our free 31 day email series – and we’ll support you every step of the way!


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