You Won’t Believe What We Found On This Pig Farm

Female pigs confined in farrowing crates. Piglets with their tails docked. Filthy conditions throughout.

Just over a month since Animal Equality revealed undercover footage showing pigs being beaten and abused,

Veganuary is releasing further video evidence of cruelty on British pig farms. Similar to the Animal Equality investigation, this farm was also one of the 90 per cent of UK pig farms certified under the Red Tractor scheme.

The video below does not include any slaughter, but it is upsetting:

The farm in the South West of England can hold up to 7,000 pigs at once, which includes 3,000 sows and 4,000 ‘production pigs’ which are being fattened for slaughter.

All the piglets we found on the farm had their tails docked. 81 per cent of UK piglets are mutilated without anaesthetic in this way as it is a cheap solution to the tail-biting caused by overcrowding and boredom.

The female sows were locked in ‘farrowing crates’, unable to turn around or help their babies. (This is completely legal and means the mothers cannot fulfil any natural, maternal instincts.)

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We chose this pig farm at random and found similar conditions to a pig farm we visited in 2016. None of these pigs will spend time in fields before slaughter and this is the reality for most pigs in the UK.

Of course, none of this is necessary. We can survive and thrive without eating pigs.

By revealing the truth about how those neatly packaged pieces of pork and bacon on our supermarket shelves are produced, by inspiring people to go vegan, and by giving them the tools and support necessary to make the transition, Veganuary is reducing demand for pig meat and sparing the lives of millions of animals.

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