9 Creative Christmas Recipes by The Vegan Chef School

Students at The Vegan Chef School have shared some of their Christmas creations with us so you can make your festive feast extra special.

When it comes to cooking vegan Christmas dinner, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re looking for creative festive ideas that will seriously wow your guests, you’ve come to the perfect place.

From Christmas canapes to decadent desserts, these vegan and gluten-free recipes from student chefs are sure to become family favourites in no time.

1. Christmas Pud Ice Cream

Not a fan of traditional Christmas puddings? Not a problem.

This creative concoction by Penny Turnbull is a chocolatey version of a classic not beloved by everyone. Don’t worry, though: this Christmas Pud Ice Cream is just as rich and flavoursome as the original!

Christmas Pud Ice Cream by Chef Student Penny Turnbull
Credit: The Vegan Chef School

2. Christmas Tree Tarts

If you’re looking for a vibrant and fun Christmas starter, we recommend these Christmas Tree Tarts by Ingrida Jurkeviciute.

These flavour-packed treats are ideal for any Christmas spread or can be served as starters.

Christmas Tree Tarts by Chef Student Ingrida Jurkeviciute
Credit: The Vegan Chef School

3. Chestnut Cranberry Pie

Want to make a stand-out piece for your Christmas main? This Chestnut Cranberry Pie by Elisa Mendes is great for a Christmas canape, starter or main.

You can serve these pies piping hot with lashings of gravy or at room temperature with a dollop of cranberry sauce on top.

Chestnut Cranberry Pie by Elisa Mendes, The Vegan Chef School
Credit: The Vegan Chef School

4. Savoury Gateau

Enjoy the rich seasonal flavours winter has to offer with this Savoury Gateau by Darren Roberts.

Beautiful and bright, it’s sure to keep your Christmas feast cheerful. This recipe is perfect for either a main or starter.

Savoury Gateau by Student Chef Darren Roberts
Credit: The Vegan Chef School

5. Amaretto Poached Pear

The richness of some Christmas desserts can be too much for some, especially after a heavy main meal.

This elegant Amaretto Poached Pear by Molly Collinson has bold, perfectly paired flavours, making it ideal for those who like sweeter, lighter desserts.

Amaretto Poached Pear by The Chef School student Molly Collinson
Credit: The Vegan Chef School

6. Herby Stuffed Squash

This beautiful and bright Herby Stuffed Squash by Jen Moffatt is sure to liven up any Christmas spread.

If you’re looking for dishes that are a little healthier than other traditional options, this one is a must-try.

Herby Stuffed Squash recipe by Jen Moffatt, The Vegan Chef School
Credit: The Vegan Chef School

7. Baked Apples With Spiced Rice Pudding

This recipe by Simona Cappeddu is the ultimate winter warmer. Flavourful and satisfying, it’s ideal for Christmas spreads or any chilly evening.

Baked Apples With Spiced Rice Pudding
Credit: The Vegan Chef School

8. Christmas Ring Cake

Love traditional Christmassy flavours? This orange and cardamom ring cake by Patricia Estrada Carmona doesn’t disappoint.

Christmas Cake
Credit: The Vegan Chef School

9. Spiced Stuffin’ Muffin

There’s nothing better than a flavourful and healthy stuffing to complete your Christmas dinner or Sunday lunch.

This recipe by Shashi Dissanayake can be made ahead of the day and freezes very well.

Spiced Stuffin' Muffin by The Vegan Chef School
Credit: The Vegan Chef School

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