Vegan Party Snacks for Kids

So your child’s birthday party is coming up and you’ve decided that you’d like to make all of the food and snacks 100% vegan. Or perhaps you’d like to bring plant-powered nibbles to someone else’s but have no idea where to start…

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Don’t panic! There are so many quick and easy homemade hacks as well as plenty of excellent products on our supermarket shelves. And there’s no need to worry about satisfying non-vegan children, because there are heaps of treats which are accidentally vegan that they definitely already enjoy!

Here are our no mess (sort of!) and no fuss, party munchies that are perfect for little mouths.

1. Fry’s Family Foods Chicken-style Nuggets

These crisp, little golden beauties by the renowned Fry’s brand go down an absolute treat with hungry nippers! Simply serve up on a big dish with a variety of dips and watch them fly. Or if you can get them to sit down (yeah right), then dish up in little newspaper lined plant pot style containers! They’ll look great and as you can portion control them, it will save arguments as to who’s eaten the most…

Vegan Chicken Nuggets
Image Credit: Fry’s

Find them (UK): Morrisons/Ocado/Holland & Barrett/The Food Warehouse By Iceland/Whole Foods

TIP! Got wheat/gluten intolerant tummies coming? Try the gluten-free Fry’s Family Foods Rice Protein & Chia Nuggets instead. And in the US you’ll find similar alternatives such as Boca’s Chik’n Vegan Nuggets or Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders.

2. Fox’s Party Rings / Oreos

When it comes to accidentally vegan treats, Britain’s “brightest biscuit” or the Party Ring, has been a staple for over 30 years. So everyone of all ages can enjoy the crunchy and colourful circles!

And as for the world’s favourite sandwich cookie, there are several different Oreos available in the UK and US that are suitable, including Original (Vanilla), Chocolate Crème, Double Stuff, Golden and the Oreo Thins range (except the bags of Thins Bites in the US as they contain milk. Boo.)

Vegan biscuits
Image Credit: Tesco

Find them (UK & US): All major supermarkets

TIP! Looking for wheat/gluten-free biscuits? McVitie’s Original Hobnobs Gluten Free are also accidentally vegan or Morrisons Free From Shortbread rounds are gluten, wheat and milk free. And Newman’s Own in the US have an Oreo lookalike which are also vegan called Newman-O’s! AND they have a wheat-free version. Bonus points there!

3. Veg Sticks & Hummus

This must be the easiest and healthiest snack for little people, especially as they can grab some and run back to the party games! Carrots, peppers, cucumber, celery, cherry tomatoes – you name it, you can cut it into bite-sized chunks and serve up with shop-bought or homemade vegan hummus.

Find them (Worldwide): All major supermarkets stock various flavours of hummus (just check labels beforehand)

4. Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Cocktail Sausages / Vegetarian Beef Wellington Bites

No party is complete without a cocktail sausage or mini sausage roll! And these bite-sized meaty bangers are ideal for hungry tums. They’re high in protein and easily cooked from frozen, so there’s hardly any prep work whilst you’re trying to keep one eye on the kids!

Vegan sausages
Image Credit: Linda McCartney’s

Find them (UK) Vegetarian Cocktail Sausages: ASDA
Find them (UK) Vegetarian Beef Wellington Bites: Sainsbury’s/Morrisons

TIP! Looking for other great meat-free sausages? US vegan brand Tofurky is available all over the world and Taifun’s tofu-based range can be found around Europe, including their amazing hot-dog style wieners.

5. Tesco Free From Assorted Splits

Nowadays there are some fantastic dairy-free ice creams and lollies to choose from. And if you’re on a budget, supermarket own brand items, wherever you are in the world, can be a real life-saver. These free-from splits come in a box of six with three flavours included – strawberry, blackcurrant and pineapple. Plus they’re nut, gluten, wheat and milk free…But not drip-free I’m afraid!

Vegan ice lollies
Image Credit: Tesco

Find them (UK): Tesco (obviously!)

TIP! In America you can opt for Tofutti’s line of vegan ice cream sandwiches, or Cuties!

6. Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

When it comes to crisps at kid’s parties, you’re guaranteed to spot (and smell) a Wotsit or Cheeto from a mile away. So what’s a great vegan and healthier alternative to those moreish cheesy puffs? The answer is Hippeas! They’re baked, not fried and are packed with fibre, are gluten-free and contain no artificial preservatives.

They come in other flavours aside from cheese, so you can switch it up a little.

Are Hippies vegan?
Image Credit: Hippeas

Find them (UK): ASDA/Tesco/Ocado/WHSmith/Boots/Waitrose/Superdrug/Whole Foods
Find them (US): Participating Starbucks/Whole Foods/Amazon

7. Rainbow Fruit & Marshmallow Kebabs

Here’s another homemade party delight that’s both naughty and nice! Buy a selection of fruit that can easily be cut into chunks or are already small enough to put on a skewer i.e. pineapple, grapes, blueberries, mango, tangerine segments. Then get yourself a bag of vegan marshmallows like Freedom Mallows in the UK or Dandies in the US (retailers below) and start building! Kids will love the colours and they can even get involved in making their own. Just mind the sharp ends on the skewers!

Image Credit: Pixabay

Find them (UK): Holland & Barrett/Sainsbury’s
Find them (US): Whole Foods/Thrive Market (online)

And those are our top vegan party snacks for kids! We hope you find these recommendations helpful but please let us know what your favourite vegan kid’s party food hacks are.

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