Vegan Meal Plans

No idea where to start when it comes to making vegan food? Our vegan meal plans make the transition easier. With a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts included in each, you’ll get the hang of plant-powered life in no time.

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Using meal plans is ideal when you’re not clued up about vegan nutrition and have no idea how to read food labels yet. You’ll discover new foods, get into a routine and feel less anxious. Over time, planning becomes less important as vegan life becomes as comfortable as anything you’ve ever known. You may even want to create your own using our Blank Meal Plan.

A Quick Note on our Vegan Meal Plans

  • Every recipe can be downloaded in printable format, and each meal plan has a space at the bottom for your own notes.
  • Some basic nutritional detail is included with these plans. You’ll find more in our blog pages. Just search for what you want!
  • For inspiration, you may like to check out some of our vegan recipes.
  • We haven’t included fruit and nuts as snack options, as these plans are designed to build up your culinary repertoire and introduce you to new ideas. However, fruit and nuts are handy snacks to eat on the go and are the healthiest way to beat mid-morning or afternoon tummy rumbles.

Quick and Convenient meal plan

Rushed off your feet without much time to cook? This plan is ideal for you, featuring easy overnight oats, wraps and weeknight meals. Try these tasty and healthy dishes to suit your busy lifestyle.

Hummus wrap
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Family Friendly Meal Plan

These tried and tested vegan recipes to keep your loved ones (whether omnivore, vegetarian or pescetarian) happy! This plan includes everything from breakfast pizza to desserts everyone will love.

Vegan big puf pie
Image Credit: Jane Easton

Gluten Free Meal Plan

Gluten free and vegan? No problem. Everything in this meal plan is vegan, gluten-free and absolutely delicious! Enjoy soups, tagines, crumbles and much more.

Vegan foccacia
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Sports Nutrition Meal Plan

Who said you can’t thrive on a vegan diet? Many athletes do! Try this plan to boost your performance with plant protein and speed up recovery.

Vegan green power smoothie
Image Credit: Seed / Tammy Fry Kelly

What Real Vegans Eat Meal Plan

Enjoy a bit of everything? Try this collection of the Veganuary team’s favourite meals that we make and eat at home. Veganise classic sandwiches and try completely new flavours.

Vegan fry-up
Image Credit: Jane Land

Love to Cook Meal Plan

Are you a foodie who loves to cook and experiment with flavours? Then this is the meal plan for you. From soups to sushi, you’ll cook up a storm with these recipes.

Vegan Panzanella
Image Credit: Pippa Kendrick

Soya Free Meal Plan

Soya allergies shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying fantastic food. And thanks to our soya free vegan meals, you don’t have to miss out on the variety plant-based living offers.

Vegan no Chicken Coronation sandwich
Image Credit: The Flexitarian

Nut Free Meal Plan

Nut allergy? We have you covered. This meal plan is packed with tasty, nut free meals that everyone will enjoy. Tuck into tagines, skewers and even vegan fish and chips.

Chana Masala
Image Credit: Louise Mead

Looking for more things to cook? Check out our easy vegan recipes!


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