5 YouTube Channels to Help You Through Veganuary and Beyond

These are the YouTubers to help you try (and stay) vegan

In need of some inspiration to help you go vegan? YouTube is a great place to discover tips, meal ideas, product reviews and so much more. Whether you’re doing Veganuary or just starting out on your plant-powered journey, these vegan YouTube series will help you make the change a permanent one.

1. Veganuary

Our mission at Veganuary is to support people with their transition to a plant-based lifestyle. You may have heard of our official 31-day email pledge which has attracted over two million sign-ups to date. For our 10th birthday, we decided to take this a step further and launch a daily YouTube series to complement it.

Join our very own Stuart everyday as he coaches you through Veganuary with nutrition tips, cooking hacks and much more to help you try (and stay) vegan.

2. Make It Dairy-Free

Changing any of our lifelong habits can be a challenge, especially when it comes to what we eat. Andrew and Larisha, the duo behind Make It Dairy-Free, offer plenty of support to help you stay on track with your new vegan lifestyle.

From family-approved recipes to product guides, you’ll find everything you need to maintain your new lifestyle on this channel.

3. Those Vegan Guys

You’ve nailed the basics of vegan food… so what now? Paul and Jason, a.k.a. Those Vegan Guys, share supermarket finds so you know which exciting products to look for on your next shop, as well as local restaurant guides.

4. Pick Up Limes

Sadia, a.k.a. Pick Up Limes, has everything you need to start living a healthy plant-powered lifestyle. As well as her beginner’s guide to veganism, you’ll also find budget vegan recipes, one-pot meals and much more on her YouTube channel.

5. Cheap Lazy Vegan

If you want to live a budget vegan lifestyle, Cheap Lazy Vegan will show you exactly how to do that. As well as practical tips for going vegan, she shares affordable plant-based recipes, meal prep tips and so much more.

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Thinking of trying vegan?

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