The Ultimate Guide to a Spooky Vegan Halloween

Scared of missing out on the Halloween fun? Have no fear! Read our tips on having a vegan Halloween.

Halloween cookies
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Halloween is an occasion many of us look forward to every year. From the eery decorations and frightful costumes to ghoulish-themed treats, there’s plenty of fun to be had!

There are endless ways for vegans to enjoy the spooky season, so nobody has to miss out on the excitement. We’ve created the ultimate guide to vegan Halloween recipes, sweets and party fun. Eat, drink and be scary!

Vegan Halloween Sweets & Products


  • Black Garlic Mayo
Heinz Black Garlic Mayo for Halloween
Image Credit: Heinz

Soreen Mini Loaves

  • Cherry Jellies
  • Toffee Apple

Available at most UK supermarkets.

Image Credit: Soreen


  • Spooky Mix
  • Monster Spaghetti
  • Fizzy Fangs
  • Gummy Brains

Available at Asda.

Bebeto Spooky Mix
Bebeto Spooky Mix


  • Dark Chocolate Pumpkin (with dark chocolate spiders inside)
  • Oat M!lk Chocolate Pumpkin (with chocolate spiders inside)
  • Oat M!lk Chocolate Wise Owl
  • Oat M!lk Chocolate Bats and Ghosts

Available at Chococo’s website.

Chococo spooky pumpkin
Image Credit: Chococo

vegan Halloween recipes and activities

1. Make Vegan Toffee Apples

It’s easy to make this traditional Halloween snack vegan. Most recipes use water, sugar and golden syrup, but if butter is required you can simply swap it for a dairy-free alternative, like soya spread.

For a fun, bite-size alternative to regular toffee apples, make mini toffee apple wedges, using cocktail sticks to dip them into your toffee mixture.

Toffee apples for Halloween
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2. Pumpkin Carving

Carving pumpkins allows you to get creative and you can really express yourself with this activity. Grab a selection of pumpkins and print off some stencils with different designs to choose from.

Instead of sticking with the traditional haunting pumpkin face, why not show off your love for animals by trying out a cat’s face, a cute pig, or even the words, ‘Go Vegan’?

Plenty of people will see your pumpkin when they pass by, so it’s a fun way to spread the vegan love!

You can buy soya candles to light your finished pumpkins, which are 100% vegan. Any leftovers can be put to good use with these vegan pumpkin recipes.

Preparing Pumpkins For Halloween
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3. Interactive Monster Story

Got kids to entertain and want an activity that’s both excitingly eerie and vegan-friendly? Try telling a chilling tale about a monster in the dark, while passing around different ‘body parts’ made from fruit and vegetables.

Peeled grapes make amazing fake eyeballs, cold pasta can easily pass as intestines, dried apricots can be tongues, and a peeled tomato is a perfect heart.

Have fun encouraging kids to guess what each food is and be sure to weave the answers into your story.

Healthy Halloween fruit snacks. Selection of fun, spooky treats
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4. Make Vegan Ghost Cookies

Cookie decorating is enjoyable for kids and adults – and you’ll be left with some deliciously spooky treats to share. Just follow your favourite vegan cookie recipe and use a ghost-shaped cutter instead of a regular one.

If you’re having a party, why not provide your guests with vegan icing, sweets and chocolate chips to let them create their very own creepy cookies? You could even give prizes for ‘scariest’, ‘most artistic’ and ‘best effort’.

Ghost Cookies
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5. Host a Vegan Buffet

Serving regular food with a Halloween twist is all part of the occasion and being vegan won’t stop you from joining in.

Check out these vegan Halloween recipe ideas below to get inspired:


  • Serve tomato juice ‘blood’ in wine glasses
  • Make green smoothies and call them ‘Swamp Water’
  • Use black marker to draw pumpkin faces on mason jars and use to serve orange drinks


  • Serve guacamole and tortilla chips and label as ‘Mashed Brain Dip’
  • Add a dollop of ketchup and an olive slice to falafels to make them look like eyeballs
  • Make stuffed peppers and carve mini Jack-o’-lantern faces into them
  • Add olive eyes and tomato wedge mouths to avocado toast slices to make a creepy face


  • Add vegan liquorice bootlaces and two blobs of icing to Oreos to make them look like spiders
  • Poke a small piece of celery into the top of peeled satsumas to make mini pumpkins
  • Make vegan gingerbread men and ice to look like skeletons
  • Use a dollop of white icing and some vegan chocolate chips to make ‘ghost’ cupcakes

Being vegan won’t stop you from having the best Halloween!

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